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Three Little Birds was founded as a peer-led support advocacy group to support the one in four families that statistically lose a baby to miscarriage, stillbirth, NICU loss, SIDs, as well as infertility and pregnancy after loss support in the Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey region. We offer our services at no charge to families registered as part of our nest.


In the past two years, our nest of perinatal loss families has grown tremendously! Since the opening of our office/meeting space, The Healing Nest in Blackwood, NJ, we have been able to meet the needs of these rising membership numbers by elevating our services offerings. Additionally, we have followers through various communication channels: email, social media, our private groups and more. Membership to our Nest ensures everyone the opportunity to pre-register for some of our most popular events! Below is an overview of what is included in the membership program with Three Little Birds:

  • Virtual content – Our virtual program is facilitated through our closed Facebook Support Groups (Mama Bird Healing (for moms), Papa Bird Healing (for dads), the Hope Nest (for infertility and loss support) and our Pregnancy/Parenting After Loss Mentorship Group. This includes topical videos and discussions and exclusive content from our trained bereavement volunteers.

  • Monthly newsletter with in-person support schedule – Since social media breaks are common for loss families, they won’t miss a thing with our monthly newsletter! We deliver our virtual and in-person support schedule at the Healing Nest, as well as give access to RSVP links to our signature events, plus giveaways and more!

  • New support group offerings - We have launched a new specialty support group option on the 3rd Monday of each month to complement our standing 2nd Monday general grief group. Monthly, we will host groups to support family members/friends through loss, support for single loss parents, infertility/reoccurring miscarriage and more!


  • Signature Support Events– Members will have priority access to register for our signature events. These events include our popular Bereaved Mother’s Day Butterfly Release, Father’s Day Support Event, Wave of Light and Rage Room!

  • Support for Dads/Non-birthing parents – Often, after the loss of a pregnancy or baby, family and friends focus on the needs of the mother and overlook the needs and grief of the father/non-birthing parent (NBP) who lost the same baby/pregnancy. We recognize that unfortunate fact and are working hard to help change the way people think about and respond to loss. Men, in particular, tend to handle emotions much differently than their female counterparts and your grief is no different. We have several dads who have been attending our support groups and events and have made connections with others that have supported their healing.

  • Infertility Support - One in every eight families struggle with traditional family building due to primary or secondary infertility. We offer a virtual and in person support group to support families through infertility and loss.

  • LGBTQ Support - Through our years working with families, we've seen an overwhelming need for loss support in the LGBTQIA+ community.  In addition to the understandable grief and trauma that comes with reproductive and infant loss, you may also lack support from your families, employers, or medical providers. We support all families on their family building journeys and respect and have several families actively attending support groups and events.

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