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Bereaved Mother's Day Spa Retreat & Butterfly Release sponsored by Inspira Health!

Bereaved Mother’s Day is honored the week before traditional Mother’s Day to validate and support the grief of child loss. Our nest unites each year to honor and support each other and our journeys to motherhood. This year, we invited the local community to be a part of our event and offer our mamas a day of much needed pampering and healing.

Our event couldn’t be possible without our Major Event Sponsor, Inspira Health!

This is the second year Inspira has supported our nest of moms at this event, and we are so grateful for the support of a major healthcare system in validating our families! Our 4th annual support event hosted more than 25 mamas who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss and 14 volunteers to a day to explore their grief, make meaningful connections with others and find creative ways to parent their babies. Our moms had the day to enjoy several amenities at Float Haven Spa as well as participate in several demonstrations from our Healing Hearts Sponsors! This is the 4th year we have hosted our event at Float Haven Spa in Pitman, NJ and we are so grateful to Bronwyn and her team. Special thanks to Capri, also! Our Healing Hearts Sponsors include:


The day offered breaks for moms to have lunch and dessert thanks to our Food & Beverage Sponsors, The Southern New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative, the Zallie’s Foundation and Artisan Marshmallow Co of Pitman, NJ! They provided adorable butterfly treats for our moms! Attendees also had time to learn more about Three Little Bird’s legacy projects. Big or small, these family run projects or events bring awareness to perinatal loss, offer their families opportunities to support them through their grief and can bring funds to support various services and programs. Our legacy projects include:

  • Mila's Forget-Me-Nots - Birthday and holiday cards for loss parents by Yesenia Robinson, in memory of Mila Kelly

  • Zara's Tootsies - Personalized vinyl decals of baby's prints by Caitlin Wraith in memory of Zara Frances

  • Aubree's Adventures - Safe social spaces and events for loss parents to connect and have fun by Ashly Hannah in memory of Aubree Ann

  • Ollie Bears - Personalized comfort bears by Sara Shepherd in honor of Oliver

  • Xander's Nursery - Craft & Heal support group by Brooke Koines in honor of Xander Abraham

  • Peanuts for Colin - Father's Day support event at the Phillies by Angela Swiderski in memory of Colin and Peanut

  • Seeds of Hope - Memorial seed packets and book donations by Marci Bienkowski in honor of Hope Ann

  • Our Angel Anthony Cornhole Tournament - Annual event to support perinatal loss by Bobbi Williams in honor of Anthony James

  • A Girl Named Jimmie Scholarship - Memorial scholarship for perinatal bereavement training by Kristen Samuelson in memory of Jimmie Anne


Our moms were each gifted their choice of a take home support bag. While all options varied (pregnancy after loss, baby loss, angel baby, cozy coffee bags), each included a highly recommended support book and more information on how to stay connected to Three Little Bird’s nest of support.


Our afternoon of comfort and connection commenced with a butterfly release in memory of our babies in the spa’s labyrinth and garden. Even though the day saw spring showers, it didn’t deter our butterflies from taking flight.

Thank you again to everyone who supported our event either through sponsorship, donation or through volunteering their time to support our nest of moms in honor of Bereaved Mother’s Day and traditional Mother’s Day. This week, we are sending peace and comfort to all the moms in our nest.

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