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Thank you to our supporters...

Thank you to our corporate sponsors for your support of our mission. The funds received from these corporations are used to support our general operating fund, host fundraising and support events or specific programs and services.

  • Major Corporate Event Sponsor - Since 2018, Jefferson Health has served as our exclusive corporate sponsor for our annual Wave of Light which hosts more than 50 families to honor and celebrate their special baby who has passed away. In 2021, Three Little Birds presented Jefferson Health with two Cuddle Cots through our legacy project (Cuddle Cots for Cash), as well as free training through our Perinatal Bereavement Training Workshop. In the spring of 2022, we certified six perinatal clinicians!

  • Major Corporate Event Sponsor - Inspira Health Network supports Three Little Birds as the Major Event Sponsor of our Bereaved Mother's Day Spa Retreat and Memorial Butterfly Release in May, as well as our annual Wave of Light event in October. In the summer of 2022, Three Little Birds trained four clinicians under our training program!

women's way.PNG
  • General Operating Fund Sponsor -Three Little Birds is so grateful to be the recipient of this two-year general operating fund grant on behalf of Women's Way, a local grantor focusing on empowering and supporting women in the Philadelphia metro region. This two year grant has allowed us to open an office/meeting space (The Healing Nest) in Blackwood, NJ.

  • Major Corporate Event Sponsor - Shoprite/The Wakefern Corporation/Sumas Family Foundation created an internal employee program where they can nominate local non profits to be supported. Shoprite of Vineland has donated to support their associate, Angela Swiderski, her two babies, Colin and Peanut and  the other families in the nest. Proceeds from this donation will support our Father's Day event!

  • Program & Event Sponsor - Ashley Perry, LPC of Goodnow Counseling supports families who are pregnant, postpartum, struggling with infertility, recently experienced a loss or trauma, are adjusting to motherhood and parenting or experiencing general women’s issues. Additionally, she supports our families with quarterly, free group therapy sessions.

  • General Operating Fund Sponsor -  Funding from this annual grant supports our general operating fund which allows us to facilitate our services and programs virtually and in-person. Gotta have a WaWa!

Logo w tagline.png
  • Event Sponsor - Pop of Designs provided a beautiful backdrop for our Wave of Light event for families to take a keepsake photo with in memory of their baby.

  • Program Sponsor - Glenda Barachko and her team at Wondertime have supported the families in our nest since our founding with such compassionate and personalized care. For families under our Palliative Care Program, Wondertime offers families the opportunity to bond with their baby in a non-clinical setting, bring additional family members and friends, as well as provides heartbeat capture bears for families to take home at no charge. For the families in our nest walking the journey of pregnancy after loss, she hosts "Sneak Peek" events quarterly for parents to check in on their little one and have family members join. Families are reassured that everything, is gonna be alright!

  • Event/Program Sponsor - In addition to serving as a Program Sponsor for our Pregnancy After Loss Program, The Village also sponsored our annual Wave of Light event in honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day!

  • General Operating Fund Sponsor - Thank you to Cuneo & Leonetti Law for supporting the nest as a General Operating Fund Sponsor!

  • Event Sponsor - Thank you to D'Amico Travel for sponsoring our annual Wave of Light event in honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day!

native oak.png
  • Event Sponsor - Native Oak Studios owner Roseanne Bolger serves as a volunteer Bereavement Doula, video editor and event photographer for Three Little Birds!

  • Event Sponsor - Brittany serves as a volunteer event photographer for Three Little Birds in memory of her son, Steven.

Essential lightworker.JPG
  • Event & Program Sponsor - Bridget Papagno, founder of the Essential Lightworker has supported Three Little Birds nest through various fundraisers and supporting families in finding healing through specialty support groups. This year, she served as our ceremony presenter at our annual Wave of Light.

omlie consulting.jpg
  • General Operating Fund Sponsor - Thank you to the Arrow family and Omlie Consulting for their generous donation to our general operating fund!

  • Event Sponsor - Our friends at Float Haven have been our biggest supporters from day one! They allow us to take over their tranquil space for the day to host our Bereaved Mother's Day Spa event and offer our families a safe and welcoming space to find healing through various physical, emotional and spiritual modalities. All Three Little Birds families can use the code COMFORT to book services at a 20% discount!

  • Program Sponsor - Chelly and her team at Hey Mama LPC supports our loss families with lactation suppression and our families pregnant after loss to find the feeding method best for them in welcoming their newest child.

  • Program Sponsor - Krista Gervon is a full-spectrum doula that provides compassionate care for families experiencing baby loss in Eastern PA and Central NJ. She also co-produced the documentary, Don’t Talk About the Baby, a film that explores the culture of shame and silence surrounding pregnancy loss, stillbirth, and infertility through expert interviews and personal stories, which is used in Three Little Bird's Perinatal Bereavement Training Program.

across the spectrum doula.png
  • Program Sponsor - Daniela Natali is a BADT certified Full Spectrum Doula, a certified birth and grievance doula (SBD), a trained birth lactation consultant, and childbirth educator (CBI), DONA trained postpartum doula, and a trained sexual wellness, peer lactation couselor, childbirth educator, birth and postpartum doula. She is supporting Three Little Birds with instituting our spanish speaking support group!

  • Program Sponsor - Dr. Jenny Starosta, Ph.D, of Need to Evolve, PC, is a Clinical Psychologist with a specialty in working with maternal mental health; addressing challenges from pre-conception, through pregnancy and birth, to being the best mother you can be to children, adolescents and families. She supports our families with a live virtual Q&A quarterly and provides a discount for personal sessions.

heavens baby angels.JPG
  • Program Sponsor Heaven's Baby Angels is a non-profit program of volunteer seamstresses that create one-of-a-kind bereavement outfits and gowns for babies that pass away. They serve as a Bedside Bereavement Program Sponsor with their generous donations of gowns to our bereavement doulas to gift to families.

  • Program Sponsor Bokeh Love Photography is a full service photography business based in New Jersey that focuses on capturing the legacy of new love and was established in 2013. Bokeh Love Photography owner, Lauren Adams, serves as a Program Sponsor through her volunteer work with our Bedside Bereavement Program.

  • Program Sponsor - Susan Gold is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in supporting parents through perinatal loss. In addition to accepting referrals from Three Little Birds, she hosts quarterly, free virtual group therapy sessions for the families in our nest.

  • Program Sponsor - Susan Hetrick, owner of A Bit of Heaven Reborn Babies, serves as a Program Sponsor of our Perinatal Bereavement Training Program. We are so grateful for her hand-painted reborn doll which will be used to assist with in-person photography demonstrations and will also be kept at the office for anyone who may be interested in learning more about the benefit reborn dolls can have for grieving parents.

FNC Logo.png
  • Fiscal Sponsor - Three Little Birds operates under a fiscal sponsorship with Federation of Neighborhood Centers (FNC) Philly (EIN 23-1630073). This allows us to provide our support to the community under their EIN number, while they manage our fiscal and financial matters. While it is our goal to eventually become our own 501c3 register organization, our focus is supporting the community and this agreement with FNC allows us to do so. We love our friends Jerry, Michael and Adam who support us while we work to further our mission and expand our footprint!

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