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We are so sorry you are here...

We realize that if you are finding yourself here at Three Little Birds' nest, that you or someone you love has experienced miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss. We are so terribly sorry. We hope you are able to find resources and support here that offer comfort and connection.

Where do I start?

If you live in our service region in the Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey metro area, please add your name to our distribution list here. This will ensure you receive our newsletters with support and event information, as well as important resources you may want to consider. 


If you live outside our service area, we suggest checking out for a listing of bereavement doulas/advocates similar to Three Little Birds. You can search for someone near you by state in their directory.

  • Reach out for a personal consultation - We suggest reaching out to Three Little Birds for a personal consultation however is most comfortable for you (text, phone, video chat, email, in person) to talk about your experience, what you're feeling and some needs or questions you may have regarding postpartum healing, mental health support, financial resources. Additionally, you will have an empathetic ear who will listen to you without judgment and possibly be able to peer match you with another parent locally walking a similar journey. We know how overwhelming the first few months of loss are as you try to find a"new normal" and order to your life. Let us help by taking a burden off of you from having to look for support online or from others. We have lists and connections to providers and other support groups that you may not be able to find yourself.

  • Request a peer match - Having served more than 400 families locally through loss, we can most likely peer match you with another parent/family who has walked a similar journey based on infertility, loss, receiving an uncertain or life-limiting diagnosis, termination for medical reasons, infant loss, etc.). Not only do these connections provide comfort, but they also can offer you resources that were specifically helpful in their experience. We have peer matched dozens of families who have become good friends and pillars of support. Click here to request a peer match.

  • Consider hopping on a virtual group - Three Little Birds offers our virtual program via Google Meet monthly (6 PM EST) to anyone in need of support. These groups include our Group Therapy Sessions with Licensed Providers, our New to the Nest Support Group and our Pregnancy/Parenting After Loss Support Group. Cameras are always optional and couples are welcome. There is never an expectation to share. Some of our families join just to listen and that is ok! You can check out our virtual support schedule here.

  • Consider attending an in-person group or signature event - For most, the thought of attending an in-person support group or event for the first time after experiencing miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss is overwhelming. For many it takes months before they feel "ok" enough to attend a group for the first time. This is normal! Three Little Birds nest represents a diverse family building community with varied needs for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Our groups and events are meant to provide comfort and connection organically through activities such as crafting during guided discussions to smashing a car to bits. What we have found is - there is no one size fits all answer to serving bereavement. Our nest of families have bonded through heartache to form beautiful friendships that offer support in unique ways as they continue to honor the baby they lost, and as they continue their family building journey. Having friends and others who "get it" is invaluable to healing after loss. Click here to check out our schedule of in-person support groups and events hosted by families in our nest.


Not ready for virtual or in-person support?

That is ok! We're not going anywhere and that is completely normal. It is not easy to be vulnerable with strangers talking about the most difficult experience of your life. Even if you're not ready, we can still support you based on where you are in your journey.

  • If you are currently in the hospital laboring, we recommend starting here.

  • If you are unsure if memory making/photography is an option for you, we recommend starting here.

  • If you have been discharged from the hospital and unsure of the next steps (post-mortem testing, burial/cremation, or postpartum support), we recommend starting here.

  • If you are supporting a loved one through loss (parent, sibling, grandparent, etc), we recommend starting here.

  • If you're feeling stuck in your grief and unsure of how to move through it, we recommend starting here.

  • If you are pregnant or trying again after loss, we can support you. Please start here.

  • We have a listing of recommended reading here.

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