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Community Sponsor Highlight - Wondertime, LLC

Wondertime, LLC, is a 3D/4D ultrasounds studio located in Westville, NJ. Owned and operated by Glenda Barachko, Wondertime, LLC offers a non-clinical, inviting setting that allows more than just parents to participate in making memories with your baby. Glenda is an registered ultrasound technician/sonographer who is dedicated to helping families bond with their babies as they await their arrival.

Unfortunately, 2% of pregnancies result in families receiving a life-limiting or uncertain fetal diagnosis either due to genetic malformations, congenital diseases and more often than not, unknown causes/circumstances. As part of Three Little Birds' Palliative Care Program, Wondertime provides complementary 3D/4D ultrasounds and heartbeat captures for families to share with their immediate or extended family. Families who have gone to Glenda to utilize these services have remarked what a blessing she and her studio were during their journey.

"After the realization that we don't know what the outcome to our journey will be with our baby after receiving a devastating diagnosis, we were able to open our hearts to bonding and making the most of the time we had. Being able to include our immediate family in these moments were equal parts bittersweet and healing. Watching our family come together and love our baby has helped us find the strength to continue to parent our baby and maintain a special space for them in our family and hearts no matter what happens. Glenda and Wondertime made what would be a daunting event into one that was beautiful, memorable and pivotal to our story" - Three Little Birds Palliative Care Family

For Three Little Birds families who are pregnant after experiencing a loss, Wondertime, LLC offers a discount towards a ultrasound session which includes a heartbeat plush and the opportunity to see your baby with your family like never before. While pregnancy after loss can be met with higher levels of anxiety due to more intense perinatal care, increased testing and ultrasounds, Glenda offers a safe, inviting place for families to come to have a non-clinical experience in meeting their little one.

In addition to being a Community Sponsor, Glenda also serves on the Board of Three Little Birds. As a perinatal professional, Glenda has had the unfortunate responsibility of notifying a family during an ultrasound that something may be wrong. "There is no training in the sonography world on what to do or say. We need more education and training for all medical care providers that includes communication and empathy." Glenda notes. Her successful business is now also fueled by advocacy in supporting all families in their building journey.

Please join us in thanking Glenda and her staff at Wondertime, LLC for all they do to help Three Little Birds families and in helping to #shatterthestigma of pregnancy and infant loss!

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