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Infertility/family building support

As anyone who has ever struggled with infertility will tell you, the experience can be incredibly isolating, with silent losses, quiet moments of grieving, and precious, hushed celebrations. The stress can make even the most social of people feel like cocooning themselves away. And yet, despite the feelings of loneliness that it can bring, fertility struggles are fairly common. Studies have shown that 1 in 6 couples, and close to 16% of women, face challenges related to fertility.  With roughly 15-20% of pregnancies ending in loss or miscarriage, there’s a good chance that you know someone who is or has been affected by infertility. There also seems to be a larger discussion and community growing on social media.


With that said, Three Little Birds now provides peer-led infertility support to registered families in our nest who understand your unique experience. With a multitude of treatment options (IUI, IVF, ICSI, etc.) and an even greater number of reasons why individuals and couples face challenges related to fertility, we know no two struggles are alike. Above and beyond the specific treatments and outcomes, we recognize the uniqueness of your journey to parenthood. What one person finds most difficult can be very different from another's perspective. For some, it may be the physical discomfort that comes from medications, daily injections, or invasive ultrasounds and procedures. For others, financial commitment can generate significant stress and even become a barrier to treatment. It’s also not uncommon to mourn the loss of “natural” conception or to experience the very real sense of emptiness that a miscarriage brings with it. We are here to help.

  • Request a peer match - We have served dozens of families walking similar yet unique journeys to parenthood throughout the region. We can match you to another family experiencing fertility (primary or secondary) based on your experience or those who live directly in your area. Request a peer match here.

  • Join our virtual support group - Three Little Birds hosts an annual virtual support group in April to honor Infertility Awareness Month. Click here fore more information.

Infertility/family building resources
  • Kindred Beginnings - Lynn and her team of infertility warriors have a family building program to support the one in eight families that have not traditional paths to parenthood. This includes one-on-one mentorship, virtual and in-person support as well as hosting the annual Walk for Hope in April. Lynn also has published a documentary on her personal journey with IVF and supports referrals from our families walking similar journeys.

  • This annual hybrid 5K event/1 mile fun run supports those experiencing infertility. Join us in person at Washington Lake Park in Sewell, NJ, or participate virtually! Check-in begins at 8:00am ET, and the event kicks off at 9. Stay after the Walk/Run to enjoy lawn games and camaraderie.

  • Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Association - RPLA is dedicated to eliminating recurrent pregnancy loss through the advancement of research into causes and treatments; to providing support and resources to those affected; and to increasing awareness of the impact of miscarriage and fertility challenges on individuals and families.

  • It Takes a Herd - It Takes a Herd is dedicated to raising awareness about infertility, pregnancy and infant loss, surrogacy and rainbow babies. They offer support groups and resourceful to guide all family building journeys.

Infertility/family building financial support
  • RESOLVE Financial support guide -RESOLVE has complied some great tools and resources that offer discounts, grants, and scholarships for different family building options.

jfcs ivf logo.png
  • Jewish Family & Children's Services - The A Gift from the Heart Fertility Fund helps Jewish couples and individuals in the Philadelphia region experience the greatest gift in the world — the gift of life! This need-based program helps subsidize the sometimes prohibitive financial costs of fertility treatments which are not covered by insurance.

  • Gift of Parenthood provides grants to parents in need of reproductive assistance in their family building journey. You can nominate yourself or a loved one to be a recipient.

  • The Cade Foundation - Provides information support and financial assistance to help needy infertile families OVERCOME infertility. They also provide grants to help families with the costs of adoption and fertility treatment. To date, the Cade Foundation has hosted hundreds of outreach events throughout the US and provided 170 families with financial support for adoption and fertility treatment nationwide. They have also hosted conferences for health care providers, advocates and influencers to improve access to reproductive services for families with infertility. 

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