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New Legacy Event - Sea, Sound & Soul - Sound Healing at the Shore hosted by the Cohen family.

Three Little Birds is excited to announce its newest legacy event - The Sea, Sound & Soul - Sound Healing event to support local perinatal loss families. Below is a note from Liz and Paul about their journey and why they were inspired by this project.

From Liz & Paul - As some of you know, we lost our four unborn babes - Izzy, River, Finn & Grace Cohen - between 2017 and 2019. Walking with the grief of losing them has been a long, hard road -- one which has been supported tremendously by Three Little Birds Perinatal, a local nonprofit project that supports families experiencing baby loss of all forms including miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal loss, SIDs, or life-limiting or uncertain fetal diagnoses.

As part of Three Little Birds' program, families are invited to create "legacy projects" -- events or initiatives that bring their communities together to show support, honor their losses, and raise greater awareness of the hardship of baby loss.

For our legacy project, we are hosting a sound healing event at the Collective Vibes Healing Haven in Ocean City, NJ on April 13, 1-3p. Anyone affected by baby loss (parents, family members, friends, etc.) is invited to join us for a special hour of healing, followed by a light lunch and time to be together and integrate our experiences.

If you'd like to join in support of us and our lost babes, we'd love to have you.

If you, yourself, have struggled with baby loss in some form, please join us.

If you know someone who has struggled with baby loss, we'd love for you to invite them to join us.

And if you can't make it, but still want to show some support, we welcome all donations to help support the event. After event costs, all proceeds will go directly to Three Little Birds to support their programming for families in need. They are an amazing organization, run by the most beautiful volunteers, and they will put every cent to the most meaningful use.

Baby loss is a too-common experience in our world that often goes undiscussed. Because let's face it -- it's uncomfortable, it's painful, and it just sucks. But by talking about it and coming together, we can make these wounds a little easier to bear. We can become closer to each other -- celebrating life, loss, our love for each other, and the lives of our kids that ended far too soon.

Thank you for thinking of us and for any participation you choose to take in this legacy event and fundraiser (even just sending us a note to let us know you're thinking of us). We appreciate your love and support more than you know.

Liz (and Paul Cohen - who came up with this idea and made it come to life!)


Date: Saturday, April 13, 2024, 1-3 PM

Location: Collective Vibes Healing Haven, 936 Haven Ave Unit A, Ocean City, NJ 08226

Registration fee: Space is limited! To reserve your spot, we are asking for a nominal donation. $10/pp or $15/couple (couple can be a partner, friend or loved one!).

Activities: Sound bath 1-2, lunch and conversation 2-3 PM

**For those of you wondering what the heck sound healing is...

Sound Healing is a therapy that combines different healing sounds from crystal bowls, gongs, and other instruments to create a beautiful experience where our mind, body, and spirit are awakened gently and lovingly. Participants simply rest on a mat, relax, and receive the healing -- naps encouraged! There will be invitations for gentle movement as well, but no prior experience is required. The session will be led by the one-and-only Court Lloyd (Purposeful Vibes), Owner of Collective Vibes studio and sound healer extraordinaire, who is donating the space and her services for this event. Sound healing has been an incredibly helpful part of our healing and grief journey in the wake of our losses, and we are excited to share it with our community.

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