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Pregnancy After Loss Sneak Peek support event at Wondertime!

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

If you live within 50 miles of the Philadelphia and South Jersey metro region, and are pregnant after experiencing the loss of a baby/pregnancy, we invite you and your partner for a sneak peek at your little one at our Community Partner Wondertime LLC,'s studio in Pitman, NJ!

Space is limited! Each couple will get a 10 minute sneak peek at their baby, receive some gifts and giveaways and have an opportunity to find out more information on the support available to you through Three Little Birds!

Please complete the registration form by 3/14. You will be notified by 3/15 of your appointment. If we receive more than 8 requests, we may set up a second date in the spring!

A big thank you to our Community Sponsor, Wondertime, LLC. Glenda's studio allows you to see your baby like never before in a non-clinical, comfortable setting that will allow you to bring family and friends too! You will have the opportunity to book future sessions throughout your pregnancy at the event!

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