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New Legacy Project: Mila's Fantasy Football League (MFFL)!

Three Little Birds is excited to announce our newest legacy project and first managed by a loss dad! Welcome to the MFFL!

Mila's dad, Quinnzel Robinson (aka Commissioner Q pictured here with league first lady, Yesenia) has launched a fantasy football league to serve as a fundraiser and community event to support perinatal loss families in Three Little Bird's nest for the upcoming 2023/2024 NFL season. A virtual draft party will be held this weekend with a post-season celebration planned for all participants. Each team is encouraged to name their team in memory of their baby. The MFFL winner will receive a large screen TV!

The goal of this legacy project is to raise funds to support the mission of Three Little Birds but to create a space for loss dads to come together organically and develop natural friendships. From there it is our hope they can support each other in navigating their loss and future family building. Quinnzel has been integral to the development of our Bereaved Father's Dad group and is always finding ways to connect with other dads experiencing the loss of a baby!

Best of luck to all of our participants!

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