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LGBTQ+ editions of Remembering Baby Bird now available!

In honor of Pride Month, and in support of our LGBTQ+ families, Three Little Birds is excited to announce the publishing of two new versions of our sibling grief support book, Remembering Baby Bird!

Paperback copies of these new options will be available in the forthcoming weeks, but everyone is welcome to download our digital copies: Mommy/Mama or Papa/Daddy.

This book is one our best sellers and gently explains the loss of a pregnancy/baby to children. As an inclusive family building support organization, we want all families to feel supported in their grief and healing!

If you are a LGTBQ+ loss family and use alternate titles, please share them with us! We can also provide you with a personalized digital copy with your personal titles (offer valid through the end of June through Three Little Birds). Complete this brief form here to obtain your personalized copy.

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