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What is a rainbow baby? A rainbow baby is a baby born after a miscarriage, stillborn, or neonatal death. It is called a rainbow baby because it is like a rainbow after a storm: something beautiful after something scary and dark. While Three Little Birds uses this term, we recognize it is not for everyone. We encourage families to define their families in a way that is comfortable to you.

When a mother experiences a pregnancy loss, she needs time and care to assimilate the experience into her life.  Every aspect of her life is changed.  Pregnancies impact her: hearing that other people are pregnant, but also her own subsequent pregnancies impact her as well.

When a mother experiences a pregnancy loss, and then she becomes pregnant again, she doesn’t just “get to leave” the pregnancy loss demographic.  She will forever be a loss mom. When a mother experiences a pregnancy loss, and then she becomes pregnant again, she enters into this new pregnancy in a different way than she has ever entered into a pregnancy before.

She is scared in a way she wasn’t before. She is excited in a way she wasn’t before. She is aware of loss mothers’ feelings toward her pregnancy in a way she wasn’t before. She cherishes her pregnancy in a way she hasn’t before. She is eager for the full term, live, happy delivery of her baby in a way she hadn’t been before.




When a mother experiences a pregnancy loss, and learns that another mother who has also endured a loss has become pregnant again, she needs to remember that this pregnancy does not take the mother out of grief.  It does not remove her from the reality of her loss. In an effort to support these complex emotions and managing a healthy pregnancy, Three Little Birds offers the following services to our families:

  • Weekly Mentorship Program - Mamas in our nest have access to free weekly support groups. We also have a materials program that includes books, equipment rentals and access to our Sneak Peek events with Wondertime and Image is Everything Studios. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

  • Rainbow Baby Door Signs for purchase - In an effort to support families and medical professionals, we have developed beautiful door signs that make staff and visitor's aware there is a layer of grief associated with your birth that you wish for them to recognize. They can be purchased in our Etsy store.

  • Do a belly cast with your partner!  Three Little Birds offers a kit you can purchase (email us!) or you can purchase your own as well.  If you schedule a maternity session with Image is Everything Studios, they'll even help you do one as well!

  • One-on-One Empathetic, Non-Judgmental Support - Our organization was founded by others who have walked similar journeys. We are trained bereavement professionals who simply want to support your needs in these unique situations. We know how terrifying pregnancy after loss can be. We are here to support you. Join our closed Facebook Group Support Nest for pregnancy after loss.

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