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Xander's Nursery Craft & Heal Party!

Our Craft & Heal Support Groups keep growing in size and today's event was an extra special one, hosted by Xander's Nursery!

Today, the Koines family hosted family members and fellow loss parents to a Craft & Heal Birthday party in memory of their son Xander, who passed away after being born at 24 weeks gestation. Attendees gathered for lunch and then kids and adults were treated to crafts, activities, fun and cake! Additionally, each adult attendee took home a personalized painted pot with a plant clipping.

Brooke joined our nest after her loss and has found and provided tremendous support to others in the community. As a plant enthusiast and a bereaved parent, she saw how the two go hand in hand and wants to spread his love and memory with all things plant related. Brooke says, "We as people just tend to move forward and not cherish the small moments. Those are the most important things to cherish - a single breath, the smell of flowers, the world is full of wonder that may aren’t able to experience. This journey has taught me to make those moments count. We also grow at our own pace and need our own specific nourishment which is much like plants."

Brooke will be facilitating our quarterly Craft & Heal events. Our next event will be summer/beach themed! Check out the pics from today's gathering!

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