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Three Little Birds supports Pride Month and advocacy for all journeys to parenthood!

In conjunction with Pride Month, Three Little Birds Pregnancy and Infant Loss is excited to launch our LGBTQIA support services! Through our years working with families, we've seen an overwhelming need for loss support in the LGBTQIA community. In addition to the understandable grief and trauma that comes with reproductive and infant loss, you may also lack of support from your families, employers or medical providers.

Three Little Birds seeks to be the change we want to see in our community. With your help, sharing your stories (good or bad), and through peer support, perhaps it won't be that hard. For now, we are proud to offer as many resources as we can find, to give you the support you desire and deserve during this difficult time.

We recognize that the implicit focus on heterosexual couples in pregnancy loss services and resources can make it difficult for those with a different experience to receive appropriate care or to find connections to others with similar stories.

Three Little Birds aims to advocate for the importance of correctly using names and pronouns in the pursuit of ensuring that medical experiences following a pregnancy loss do not further compound the potential grief experienced by men, trans/masculine, and non-binary people and their partners.

We are hoping to host a "Bingo for Babies" fundraising event this year to support LGBTQIA families with their family building journey. Please complete this survey to tell us your family's needs and the types of support your community needs!

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