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Three Little Birds supports Maternal Support & Education Day hosted by the It Takes A Village Foundation

Three Little Birds is honored to participate in and support the upcoming Maternal Support & Education Day supported by the It Takes a Village Foundation!

This transformative event is dedicated to providing comprehensive support, resources, and education to expectant individuals, with a focus on black, LGBTQ+, and immigrant maternal wellness in the Philadelphia Tri-State Community.

DATE: JULY 20, 2024



In addition to the comprehensive support, education, and community pampering offered during Maternal Support and Education Day, the event will also serve as a community baby shower. This baby shower will provide an opportunity for expectant individuals and veteran parents to come together in celebration of new life and parenthood.

Three Little Birds will host a vendor table with resources and information on how to build your community during your family building journey. Our resources will be sensitive to those who have experienced loss and are continuing their family building journey. Additionally, Three Little Birds co-founder, Kristen Samuelson, will serve as a panelist discussing perinatal loss and pregnancy after loss support and education.

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