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Three Little Birds RAGE ROOM grief support event!

Three Little Birds doesn't only subscribe to the traditional support group setting and we like to switch it up to find group activities to do that promote physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Thanks to a great suggestion, Three Little Birds hosted its first (of many!) Rage Room events at Rage Room Philly!

What is a rage room????

Its a wonderful, fun and safe space to let out some anger and aggression. Their slogan is - A place where you can Fu#% some Sh!t up and have a ball doing it!! Our mamas were given protective gear, sledgehammers, crowbars and even a bowling ball and for one hour, gave a Mazda Minivan HELL. Here are some pics of the mamas letting out some rage, connecting with others an raising some hell!

After, we gathered for happy hour, shared about our babies and thoughts on events and made plans for some future events.

Here is some video of our event!

Want to attend some of our events?! Join our closed Facebook group, Mama Bird Healing! If you live within 50 miles of the Philadelphia/South Jersey Metro region, you will have access to exclusive events, other families walking similar journeys and new exciting content in the new year! There is a nest of support waiting for you....and we like to have fun! Click here for more information about Mama Bird Healing and the support we offer.

Dads? Are you interested in raging? We are hoping to set up another event with Rage Room Philly in November. Let us know!

Thank you Kea at Rage Room Philly for being our newest Community Sponsor and being the best hype woman we could have asked for. Thank you also for sharing Keara and your heart with us!

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