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Three Little Birds launches Pregnancy After Loss Mentorship Program!

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Since our founding in 2015, Three Little Birds has had the honor of walking the journey of pregnancy and infant loss with our families. Many of the families we support are continuing their family building journeys and find themselves pregnant after loss and have reached out for the need for additional support during this transition. We are excited to announce the launch of our Pregnancy After Loss Mentorship Program!

We offer free peer-led support on Tuesdays at our office in Blackwood, NJ. Doors are open from 5-8 PM. Attendees can come anytime to receive support, resources, inspiration and more when walking the journey of pregnancy after loss. We've been there and this program is exactly what we wish we had!

We also offer a materials package for purchase that works out to be $10/week = $320, payable at your own pace. This includes:

  • A copy of our Pregnancy After Loss Support Book/Journal - As our Nest Grows

  • A copy of Pregnancy After Loss Support: Love Letters to Moms Pregnant After Loss by Emily Long

  • Mama Bird Water Bottle

  • One (1) private consult/reading with Kristen Samuelson

  • Attendance at one (1) Sneak Peek event at Wondertime and a complimentary "rainbow baby" photo with Desiree at Image is Everything Studios

  • A personalized gift

  • Discounts to future special classes (childbirth after loss, parenting after loss, lactation support - not available until after Jan 2023).

  • Free heartbeat Doppler rental through delivery

All meeting attendees will also receive two free gifts! This includes a complimentary Rainbow Baby Hospital Door sign and a download of our milestone cards to be included in weekly bump pictures and major milestones!

To join our closed Facebook Support group, click here. To register for our materials package, please register here. See you on Tuesday!

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