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Register to attend our next FREE Craft & Heal Support Event! 6/19 at New Brooklyn Park!

Three Little Birds will host our second Craft & Heal Support Group of the year at New Brooklyn Park in Sicklerville, NJ on June 19, 2021 from noon to 3 PM. This event is FREE to attend but you MUST register! Due to the sensitivity of others, this event will be adults only. We can accommodate the first 20 registrants.

We will be making personalized dreamcatchers as part of the Grey Skies Legacy Project in memory of Luca, son of Dominique. Join us in creating a beautiful piece of art, share your story and connect with others who "get it" and can help you build your nest of support!

Each loss parent can bring one guest. If you register and are unable to attend we ask you notify us ASAP to allow for other attendees to have an opportunity.

This event will follow all CDC guidelines.

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