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Over the Rainbow...

Updated: May 11, 2020

February 9th. This was the due date Kathleen and her husband Brian were given for their daughter Scarlet.

They had an unremarkable and healthy pregnancy with absolutely no complications.

There was nothing to hint that anything would go wrong.

At 36 weeks 5 days into her pregnancy, Kathleen noticed less movement from Scarlet. She decided to get checked at the hospital just to make sure everything was okay. That's when their world came crashing down.

They were told "I'm sorry, there is no heartbeat".

Scarlet was born still on August 12, 2015 at 37 weeks. She was absolutely beautiful. Kathleen and Brian's family were there, as well as the pastor from their church. They took turns holding her, praying over her and everyone could not stop commenting how gorgeous Scarlet was.

Three Little Birds Co-Founder and NILMDTS Volunteer Photographer, Desiree Miller, met the Williams' family after she received a request for photography services for Scarlet.  Upon entering the room, it was apparent just how loved and wanted this little girl was.  They had adorable outfits there for her to wear, so they took care to make them able to fit her.  They wrapped her in her blankets and took as many photos as they could with her mom and dad, and by herself.  Desiree' spent time photographing and making memories with the family, walking the journey with them as they said hello and goodbye to their first child.

When we talked to Scarlet's mom, Kathleen, now about the photo experience, she told us “I’m so happy I have the pictures of my baby girl because it’s the only thing I have left to remember her by."   Desiree says it's the exact reason she has continued to volunteer for NILMDTS since 2007.

After losing Scarlet in 2015, Three Little Birds kept in contact with the Williams family, as it is our mission is to provide immediate and long-term support to families.  For Kathleen Williams, "I would recommended TLB to other families. It is good to have support when you are going through a terrible loss. It’s very hard. And you definitely need a support group to help you through!  TLB helps you go through the whole grieving process. They are by your side every step of the way!" 

Unfortunately for Brian and Kathleen, they continued to experience future losses with 2 subsequent miscarriages at 5 weeks and 6 weeks. Kathleen said she has continued to feel supported by TLB throughout her losses, but we are still sad for her family to have had to go through this experience.

​This brings us to mid-2018, Kathleen and Brian let us know that they were expecting their Rainbow Baby this coming March and that this pregnancy was looking healthy and viable.  We were ecstatic for them both and could not wait to support them on this journey, as we make an effort to help families bond with their rainbow babies, all while memorializing and honoring their previous loss(es).  When asked why she felt she wanted to continue with Three Little Birds, Kathleen says "....because they have supported me emotionally and they know what I am going through."  She says "I have major anxiety because there is no safe milestone in this pregnancy. I believe I will have a healthy rainbow baby, but every day is a struggle to think positive. Especially when I lost my baby girl at 37 weeks. TLB is already so supportive of me and my rainbow baby."

Actually, most are unaware that Three Little Birds offers families we assisted in the past, several support services, at no cost.  The Williams family was excited to participate in one of those, a Rainbow Baby Maternity Shoot, to honor both of their precious children.  They had a beautiful idea to incorporate Scarlet, who would now be a toddler, into their maternity photos and the outcome was just breathtaking!

We are so honored to be a part of Brian and Kathleen's journey. Scarlet's baby brother, Sean Patrick, was born happy and healthy in February 2019. We thank them for their willingness to share their story and hope that it inspires you to have HOPE in your own journey!

Pregnancy after loss can be a very scary and anxious time. If you need support, and even if you are not a prior family of Three Little Birds, please contact us.  We support all loss families. 

PLEASE NOTE:  For returning Rainbow Baby Families, Three Little Birds (partnering with Image is Everything Studios) is kind enough to offer a complimentary session with 5 digital images and 25% off of any additional purchases. *One offer per qualifying family to families we have supported through loss.  Because we are a volunteer organization, our resources are limited.  Our other resources are always FREE to anyone who is seeking support.  For more information on our Pregnancy After Loss Support and Resources, click here.

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