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Join us in welcoming our newest Program Sponsor, A Bit of Heaven Reborn Dolls by Susan Hetrick!

Susan Hetrick is a reborn doll artist and owns her custom business, A Bit of Heaven Reborn Babies. She donated a beautiful doll for Three Little Birds to utilize through our Perinatal Bereavement Training Program for future on-site demonstrations and will be kept at the office for families to explore if a reborn doll would be helpful to them in their healing. Three Little Birds is so grateful for her donation of this beautiful reborn doll that will be used to support our mission.

What is a reborn doll?

Reborn dolls are hyper-realistic dummies, treated like real children, given a birthing ceremony and even a heartbeat. Yet they serve a deeper purpose, being used as therapeutic aids to help women through infertility, miscarriage and loss of a child, as well as anxiety and depression. There are several sizes for reborn dolls, ranging from “preemies,” or smaller dolls, to regular-sized dolls. A finished reborn doll can range from mere inches to the size of a small child. For many parents, having the weight of this doll helps soothe aching arms and hearts.

If you are interested in learning more about or ordering a custom reborn doll for yourself or a loved one, you can contact Susan through her Facebook page or via telephone at 610-329-3324.

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