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October Focus Theme: Validation

In 1988, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed October as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month with October 15th being the designated awareness day. By acknowledging this grief, he gave validation to millions of people who have struggled to cope, acknowledge and accept their losses in a communal way. Furthermore, the Wave of Light was created and occurs every October 15th. At 7 PM, parents in each time zone light a candle for one hour in memory of a baby or pregnancy, thus creating a metaphorical wave of light across the world as an action of comfort, validation and love for grieving families.

Three Little Birds has hosted annual Wave of Light events gathering hundreds of families together to stand in unison saying, this is my family. There are children missing from our photos, but not from our hearts and walk in their memory in love. This type of validation is priceless and healing.

This month, we validate your loss. We validate your parenthood. We validate your path. All the twists, turns, ups, downs, bumps and road blocks. Together, we are better supporting each other.

Three Little Birds offers all families the opportunity to honor and memorialize their baby in a lasting and impactful way through the creation of Legacy Projects. What does that mean to create a legacy?

There are several ways to create a legacy project that can have a huge impact with minimal effort. It could be an annual fundraiser or event. It could be providing an administrative duty to a certain cause or organizing a memorial walk or event to raise money for research. The possibilities are limitless and our group will work with you to find ways to finance and facilitate your projects and ideas in memory of your baby.

It would be an honor to develop a legacy for your baby through Three Little Birds or on your own. Any action you take with the spirit and love of your baby in your heart is pure and can only facilitate good. We cannot wait to see you both fly and strengthen our nest!

Support groups and events this month

For access to our groups and events, sign up for our free membership! Links to virtual meetings and in-person group registrations are provided in our monthly newsletter and private Facebook groups only. This month's hybrid schedule includes:

  • In-person - October 1 at 11 AM - Join us at the Blackwood Pumpkin Festival!

  • In-person - October 2 at 7 PM - Child loss awareness and bereavement seminar at the Gloucester County Library - Mullica Hill hosted by Jordan Dizon, certified birth doula. Free, but registration required.

  • Virtual- October 3 at 6 PM via Zoom - Pregnancy/Parenting after Loss Support with Kristen

  • In-person - October 9 at 7 PM - 2nd Monday's General Grief Support with Desiree and Nicole (registration required)

  • Virtual - October 10 at 6 PM via Zoom - Live Q&A with Susan Gold, Licensed Professional Counselor

  • In-person - October 17 at 6 PM - Pregnancy/Parenting After Loss Support with Kristen

  • Virtual - October 18 at 6 PM - New to the Nest Virtual Meet & Greet

  • In-person - October 25 - New to the Nest In-person Meet & Greet - hosted by Ollie Bears

  • In-person - October 26 at 6 PM at the Village in Collingswood - Pregnancy/Parenting after Loss Support with Kristen & Sarah Hastings

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