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New Legacy Project: Seeds of Hope!

Three Little Birds is excited to announce our newest legacy project, lead by Certified Bereavement Doula, Marci Bienkowski!

Marci lost her daughter Hope Ann, as a result of a termination for medical reasons. She was very loved and very wanted, but unfortunately was very sick with a poor life prognosis. After her loss, Marci found gardening as a way to be productive with her grief. Hope’s ashes are in a butterfly urn and it only made sense that she fell in love with planting a butterfly garden in her honor. She created these seed packets to honor her and to bring other families comfort in their grief through gardening!

These seed packets are included in our new perinatal loss support packages available for purchase to support the mission of Three Little Birds.

Marci is also hosting another virtual support group focusing on parents who have received a life-limiting or uncertain fetal diagnosis and have had to terminate for medical reasons for registered members of the nest this month. You can read more about her journey here!

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