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Join us for a Craft & Heal Support Event sponsored by Xander's Nursery

Join us for our spring Craft & Heal event, sponsored by our legacy project, Xander's Garden on Sunday, May 22nd! Our Craft & Heal support events focus on allowing parents to comfortably listen and share, while creating something beautiful to take home in memory of their baby. Each family will take home a personalized pot and plant clipping to take home and nurture! Click here to register your family!

Xander's mom, Brooke, is a local loss parent that joined our nest after he passed away at 24 weeks. After returning home and figuring out her new normal, she was inspired to start a legacy project in his memory to support not just her own healing, but encourage the healing of other local mamas.

As a plant enthusiast and a bereaved parent, she saw how the two go hand in hand and wants to spread his love and memory with all things plant related. Brooke says, "We as people just tend to move forward and not cherish the small moments. Those are the most important things to cherish - a single breath, the smell of flowers, the world is full of wonder that may aren’t able to experience. This journey has taught me to make those moments count. We also grow at our own pace and need our own specific nourishment which is much like plants."

Xander’s family is hosting a Craft & Heal in his memory. This family friendly event will have games, food, activities and each parent will get to take home a personalized planter and plant as a gift! Cash bar available and we will have some fundraising items for sale. Proceeds from this event will go towards hosting future quarterly Craft & Heal support events!

Here is some info on our previous Craft & Heal events!

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