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Etsy store restock! Bereavement support items, gifts and more!

In addition to providing virtual and in person support for the families in our nest, we have an Etsy storefront that allows us to fund raise through selling handmade items to provide comfort, support and validation to grieving parents across the country (and beyond!).

Each item in our store has a story and are handmade by grieving parents for grieving parents. We have several talented parents in our nest that find healing in creating personalized items that can be gifted or kept as keepsakes.

Did you know...100% of the purchase price (less shipping and fees) goes right back to supporting Three Little Birds nest? Each purchase is tax-deductible!

Are you a local loss parent with a talent and interest in creating support items for our store? We would love to chat with you! Email us at!

Some of our bestsellers include:

Perinatal Loss Hospital Door Sign - Miscarriage, Stillbirth, NICU Loss, Baby Loss - $18/free shipping - This door sign was inspired by a local family who was displeased with the marker they placed on their door to indicate their family had experienced a loss. Since developing our perinatal grief door signs, we have sold dozens of these across the country, as well as gifted them to local hospitals. This sign offers clear communication to hospital staff, medical professionals and visitors of the situation on the other side of the door.

Rainbow Baby Hospital Birthing Delivery Room Door Sign - $18/free shipping - Similar to our grief door sign, this notifies hospital staff, medical professionals and visitors that while they are joyous for the birth of their child, grief is still present as they honor they baby they have lost or their journey to parenthood.

A Nest for my Heart - A Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Journal - $30 - Written by Three Little Birds Co-Founder, Kristen Samuelson, this journal is meant to give parents a space to explore their grief, memorialize their baby and find healing through heal your heart exercises, journal prompts, affirmations and more.

Remembering Baby Bird Sibling Support Book - $15 - Written by Co-Founders, Brent & Kristen Samuelson, this paperback book was authored to help parents gently explain the loss of a pregnancy or baby to a young child (sibling, cousin, other loved ones). We offer four versions - English, Spanish, LGBTQ - Moms and LGBTQ - Dads.

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Postpartum Appointment Support Cards (12 pack) - $20 - Our perinatal loss support cards to be used to communicate with busy OBGYN offices, doctors, nurses and other providers. Having to attend postpartum appointments is very difficult after experiencing a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal loss or reoccurring infertility. This double sided card (printed on premium card stock) includes a space for you to include your baby's name on the front and fill out the answers to common questions you may be repeatedly asked by staff. This helps the clinician understand that you are grieving and it is not appropriate to ask and re-ask common questions during intake or the passing of care from one provider to another. This is provided in a plastic sleeve to be kept in your car or hand bag to have handy for upcoming appointments. Rainbow/Pregnancy After Loss version available too.

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