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Community Sponsor Spotlight - Image is Everything Studios!

The theme for March at Three Little Birds is "support" and March is Pregnancy After Loss Awareness Month, so we wanted to celebrate our Community Sponsor, Image is Everything Studios in Pitman, NJ!

Professional Maternity & Newborn Photographer, Desiree Miller, is co-founder of Three Little Birds and has supported families walking the journey of pregnancy and infant loss for more than a decade by going bedside to provide the gift of infant remembrance portraiture.

Since founding Three Little Birds, Image is Everything Studios has continued to support loss families in the Philadelphia and South Jersey metro region if/when they become pregnant again with their "rainbow baby" (This is a term used for babies born to families who have experienced a loss as a metaphor for the rainbow that appears after a storm. Three Little Birds respects many families do not favor this term and supports what works best for you).

Pregnancy after loss is a terrifying and exciting time. To encourage families to embrace their new baby, while honoring their child who has passed away, Desiree and Stacy at Image is Everything Studios offers five complementary "pregnancy after loss" photographs with the purchase of a discounted maternity/newborn portrait package. Below are some maternity shoots Three Little Birds has facilitated for our loss families as they honor their families as they grow.

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