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Come shake your little heart out with us for 80s Dance Therapy Night!!!

Did you know by joining our closed Facebook Group, the Mama Bird Healing Nest, you will have access to fun, healing social events with other local mom's seeking to connect with others on their physical and spiritual healing through the loss of a pregnancy/baby.

We like to think outside the box and know healing comes in all forms! That's why we want to invite everyone in the Philadelphia/South Jersey region to our in-person event this Friday at Pizzazz Dance Center in Newfield, NJ! Please RSVP here!

We are going to shake our little hearts out with some dance therapy from the 80s! Mamas, grab your leotards and headbands...and let's get physical! Also, be ready for lots of laughs and love!

P.S., if you have a tee shirt for your baby from a walk or charity event, feel free to wear it!!!

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