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Chasing Hope

Updated: May 11, 2020

After their first pregnancy ended at six weeks, the Thierry family found themselves pregnant a few months later. After reaching the second trimester milestone, they decided to share their good news with family and friends, only to have the pregnancy end abruptly at 16 weeks.

Naturally, the Thierry’s were devastated. They mourned the loss of their baby and in an effort to find meaning and inspiration in their struggles, they named their second baby, Hope. They began to find healing in incorporating Hope into their lives as they struggled to understand why both pregnancies ended.

After having corrective surgery and given the all clear from their doctors, the Thierry’s tried again to fulfill their dreams of parenthood. The anxiety of trying for another baby became overwhelming after discovering they were pregnant again. The doctors gave them positive feedback that the pregnancy looked good even though she was considered high-risk and Baby Chase, their rainbow baby, would be coming in a few short months.

They reached out to Three Little Birds Perinatal for information on how to calm her anxieties of bringing a new baby to their family all the while grieving the sweet babies they wanted so badly that they were not able to have. We provided them with empathetic support and listened to all of their fears and worry as they prepared for birth and delivery.

To celebrate not only their new pregnancy, but also their late daughter, Hope, Three Little Birds Perinatal provided the Thierry family with a Rainbow Baby Maternity Shoot to celebrate their family! The term “Rainbow Baby” is a metaphor for a baby born after loss. It is meant to be representative of the rainbow that appears after a storm. We understand and respect not all families like this terminology. For this shoot, we were able to incorporate both Hope and Baby Chase in meaningful and personal way.

After Chase was born happy and healthy in April 2017, Three Little Birds Perinatal offered the Thierry’s a Rainbow Baby Newborn Shoot to again, celebrate both children. While their family is forever missing members, they are able to memorialize them in a deeply personal ways that will help them heal in their personal journeys.

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