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August Focus Theme: Healing after loss

Now that we are all relaxed and super chill from July, it is time to start going deep. We have cleared out some emotions and feelings through meditation and chakra healing. We know now, that despite what anyone says, a family member, friend, public figure, medical professional says about you or your experience, your baby is real. Your baby matters. Hopefully at this point, you’re starting to not give a hoot about what anyone thinks about it.

At the same time, while we may never know what happened, and we know we are not to blame, the healing need from that is our responsibility to manage. It is a huge responsibility as it effects the rest of our lives…the decisions we make, the fear we allow to consume us in addition to our relationships with ourselves and other.

So, ok, smarty pants, how do I heal from this?

The first is being honest with yourself. You will never completely heal from this loss. It will forever be apart of you. There is no erasing it. But you do learn to live with it. We cannot tell you what healing is for you or anyone else. But we can tell you what it is not…. Pretty…Linear…..Predictable…..Fun…. to be honest. It’s a hot mess. Two steps forward, two steps back…just like MC Scat Kat and Paula Abdul….just without the awesome choreography…

So since we cannot tell you what healing is for you exactly, we can assure you and it is our intention that you will learn, whatever it is you need to heal, it is within you. Many people think people go to healers/lightworkers like myself to be healed/cured like bippity boppity boo!. No. False. You go to a healer to help unleash the healer in you by finding what speaks to you. Then go deep inside to find how YOU can manifest the change needed to heal. It may be forgiveness. It may be acceptance. It may be reiki/energy healing to reset your soul. Whatever it is, we have the space and other resources to help you and how to curate your own healing. The connection you have and grow with your baby will only reinforce it all.

This month at the nest, we will be discussing:

Understanding the stages of perinatal loss and how to heal - Most loss parents will tell you, time doesn't heal all wounds but does help the healing process. How you felt about your loss experience in those immediate moments, versus months later can and will change as you find your "new normal" and time moves into months and years. Then, there will be moments where we thought we we doing well then, all of a sudden, its as turbulent it first was. This is normal.

Navigating the "Dark Night of the Soul"and how to find a healer - There comes a point in grieving where we feel we are at rock bottom. The dark night of the soul is a stage of final and complete purification, and is marked by confusion, helplessness, stagnation of the will, and a sense of the withdrawal of God's presence. It can feel very dark as we are no longer finding comfort in the religious or spiritual doctrines we had prior to our loss. It is also a space that can be met with acceptance in loss and healing. Finding someone to navigate the Dark Night of the Soul with you can help.

Learn more about the Day of Hope (August 19) - Australian loss mother, Carly Marie Dudley founded August 19th as the Day of Hope to honor her stillborn son and to support and inspire grief-stricken parents across the globe to join for a positive gathering to honor their children. The community event is held around the world and encourages families to make personalized prayer flags in their baby’s memory and tie them together in support of one another. Join us as we learn more about this day of remembrance.

Planning a memorial for your baby - Many parents are unable to have a proper funeral or memorial service for their baby for a number of reasons: mom's physical recovery, financial limitations, loved ones living distances away and/or stigmas that they may feel about their experience influenced by religious, cultural or generational influence. August is a great month to host a memorial for your baby and we can help you do so at little to no cost!

Events at the nest this month

For access to our groups and events, sign up for our free membership! Links to virtual meetings and in-person group registrations are provided in our monthly newsletter and private Facebook groups only. This month's hybrid schedule includes:

  • Virtual- August 1 at 6 PM via Zoom - Pregnancy/Parenting after Loss Support with Kristen & Ashly

  • In-person - August 14 at 7 PM at the Nest - 2nd Monday's General Grief Support with Desiree and Nicole (registration required)

  • Virtual - July 21 at 6 PM - Live Q&A with Dr. Jenny from Need to Evolve

  • In-person - July 15 at 6 PM at the Nest - Pregnancy/Parenting after Loss Support with Kristen & Ashly

  • In-person - August 24 at 6 PM at the Village in Collingswood - Pregnancy/Parenting after Loss Support with Kristen & Sarah Hastings

  • In-person - August 26 from 3-6 PM at the Healing Nest - Mila's Fantasy Football League - a legacy project in memory of Mila Kelly Robinson, managed by her dad, Quinnzel

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