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April Focus Theme: Fertility

April is Infertility Awareness Month. Did you know, statistically one in every eight couples struggle with traditional family planning methods? And despite technological advances in reproductive medicine, there is no way to ever guarantee a mother will deliver a healthy baby. Next to losing a child, this is probably the most heartbreaking reality women face in terms of their motherhood.

This month, we are focusing our support group discussions and events around the theme of fertility. Some topics we will be discussing include:

  • When family building doesn't go to plan: Surprise! Family building doesn't happen the way it is portrayed in the media or on television/movies. Rarely do you see the struggle many people experience with infertility and loss. This month, we are going to debunk a lot of myths and misconceptions around fertility.

  • Supporting a loved one through infertility: As anyone who has ever struggled with infertility will tell you, the experience can be incredibly isolating, with silent losses, quiet moments of grieving, and precious, hushed celebrations. The stress can make even the most social of people feel like cocooning themselves away. We will discuss ways you can be supportive and helpful when everything feels hopeless.

  • Local infertility support: You are not alone! There are several support groups/organizations local to the Philadelphia/South Jersey region that can help! This includes our newly launched Infertility & Loss Support Group hosted by local loss mom, Erin Epstein!

  • Join us in honoring Infertility Awareness Week (April 24-30) - Did you know infertility is a disease? This week is a significant observance that aims to raise awareness about infertility, the non-existent support structures, and the challenge those encountering fertility face. Infertility is a common challenge that doesn’t discriminate, affecting anyone regardless of race, religion, sexuality, or economic status. The initiative encourages sharing of infertility stories or reproductive issues to change the narrative and get the necessary support and make the journey easier.

  • Are you attending the annual Walk of Hope? Join us as we support Kindred Beginnings and RESOLVE for a community walk honoring all journeys to parenthood. Stop by Three Little Bird's table to meet Erin Epstein, learn more about our support and future offerings!

Looking for your community? Join the nest! - Want to more information on how Three Little Birds can help? Click here for more information and a link to join our nest. It is free! Residency restrictions apply.

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