A miscarriage is defined as the loss of a pregnancy before 20 weeks (NJ) or 16 weeks (PA).

If you were rejoicing over a positive pregnancy test just weeks or months ago, coping with a sudden and unexpected miscarriage can be difficult. Even though you may have never seen your baby, you knew that they were growing inside of you and you probably formed a bond. You may have dreamed about your baby and imagined yourself as a mother. imagining all the experiences you would share together as they grew. And then, all the excitement of the future ahead came abruptly to a stop.
Understandably, you may feel a range of emotions: sad and disheartened over the loss; angry and resentful it happened to you; possibly withdrawn from friends and family (especially those who are pregnant or just had babies). You may have trouble eating and sleeping at first, and accepting the finality of it all. You may cry a lot, or you may not cry at all. These are all among the many natural, healthy responses to a pregnancy loss. (Remember: your reaction is what’s normal for you.)