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Examples of legacy projects we support include:

  • Developing an event to celebrate your baby, providing a path for awareness and outreach in the community

  • Hosting an annual fundraiser to benefit a specific program or service we offer

  • Developing an item, gift bag or gift to give to families suffering from specific diagnoses, outcomes or situations (i.e., NICU support, funeral support, comfort items, etc)

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​​Mira’s Banners of Love
In loving memory of Miriam “Mira” Ferrara


Mira’s parents received a life-limiting diagnosis and was supported through our Palliative Care Program. In an effort to find healing and support others, they create personalized banners for other palliative care families in our nest to use in their complimentary maternity photographs.

Cuddle Cots for Cash
In loving memory of Cash Wdzieczkowski


A local family raised more than $10,000 to purchase cuddle cots for two hospitals in NJ and PA. Their ultimate goal is to place a CuddleCot in each state at a hospital in need to spread their son Cash’s love around! At our Wave of Light event, Cash’s parents shared how much value the CuddleCot on their experience and it allowed them to spend days parenting him before saying goodbye.

S’more Love for Rylan
In loving memory of Rylan Walsh

To honor Trisomy Awareness Month and Rylan’s birthday, the Walsh family hosts an annual fundraiser in March to support Three Little Birds’ Palliative Care Program. Rylan’s mom craved s’mores throughout her pregnancy and each year they sell cute s’mores packages in his memory to give back. Their family and friends have supported this fundraiser and it has grown each year!

Calvin’s Candles
In loving memory of Calvin Mayer

To honor her cousin, Three Little Birds volunteer Melissa puts her crafting skills to work to create personalized memorial candles for families to light at our annual Wave of Light ceremony in October in honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month!

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Aubree's Adventures
In loving memory of Aubree Ann Tucker


The goal of Aubree’s Adventures is to give parents experiencing a difficult family building journey to find safe spaces to socialize and connect with others. Often times, we feel like we become the big pink elephant in the room after we experience loss. Aubree's events offers a safe space for loss families to socialize with others who "get it". 2023 planned activities include a chocolate tasting, a rage room event, axe throwing, dancing and more!


Baby C's Car Show
In loving memory of Baby C

​To honor her son, a local family hosts an annual car show to raise money and awareness for pregnancy and infant loss. Their first show raised more than $2,500 and saw more than 50 classic car enthusiasts for an afternoon of support! Read more about this event here!


Cade's Creations
In loving memory of Cade James Miller

Cade’s mom uses her talent and love for her Cricut machine to create customized vinyl decals for loss families to proudly sport on their cars as a reminder that our baby’s love goes with us wherever we go! This product generates funds for Three Little Birds and offers validation for families in shattering the stigma of pregnancy and infant loss. You can order one here! Also, the Miller family is hosting a motorcycle cruise fundraiser to benefit Three Little Birds!

cades creations.PNG

Spencer's Cornhole Tournament
In loving memory of Spencer Jean Walsh

The Walsh family hosted a corn hole tournament in memory of their daughter, Spencer Jean, for her first heavenly birthday. Money raised from that event supports our annual Gathering of the Grinches holiday event for the families in our nest!


Xander's Nursery
In loving memory of Xander Koines


Xander’s mom is a craft and plant enthusiast and she saw how the two go hand in hand while healing from infant loss and wants to spread her son’s love and memory with all things plant related. She currently creates items for our Etsy store, facilitates our signature Craft & Heal events and wants to focus her efforts in finding support for young siblings experiencing perinatal loss.


Zara's Tootsies
In loving memory of Zara Frances Shamim


Zara's mom is putting her Cricut talents and big heart to use in creating personalized footprint decals for families in our nest who lost their baby. She is also able to make custom items for our Etsy store to help raise funds and awareness for perinatal loss families!

Zara’s Tootsies logo.jpg

Grey Skies
In loving memory of Luca Grey

Luca's mom is a volunteer bereavement doula with Three Little Birds but also hosts an annual event around Luca's birthday to celebrate and share his love. After losing him to stillbirth, she began making dream catchers and found healing in making them for other loss parents. She now hosts and support group each year where she helps families make their own dream catchers, personalized in memory of their baby!


Emerson's Library of Love
In loving memory of Emerson Rae Loggia

To honor their tradition of reading to Emerson leading up to her birth and their healing journey after losing her, the Loggia family supports our free lending library at the Healing Nest. This includes copies of grief support books, many of which are out of print and pricey to purchase second hand. Also, Emerson's family will be donating books to local NICUs through Three Little Birds to encourage bonding and tradition with babies and their families. Read more here.


Ollie Bears
In loving memory of Oliver Nicholas Shepherd

Many times the hospital issued teddy bears experience wear and tear very easily. Ollie Bears, similar to Molly Bears, were created to support families in our nest with a personalized 9" teddy bear to help support them remembering their baby.


Peanuts for Colin
In loving memory of Colin & Peanut Swiderski

Colin and Peanuts mom nominated Three Little Birds through an internal employee program and was awarded $1,000 by Shoprite/Wakefern to support families in our nest. This gift will be used to support our Bereaved Father's Day event at the Phillies!


Love, Lucas
In loving memory of Lucas Manuel Rodriguez

Lucas' parents are baseball fanatics and dreamed of days at the ballpark and sharing their love of the game with him. After he was stillborn, they were devastated. They want to keep his memory alive and support other parents through loss by gifting personalized baseballs for loss dads at our annual Father's Day event. They are also planning on hosting a softball tournament to raise funds to support Three Little Bird's mission!

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Our Angel Anthony Annual Cornhole Tournament
In loving memory of Anthony James Latcham

Anthony's parents, family and friends gathered to host an annual cornhole tournament to raise funds and awareness for Three Little Birds. Their first event saw dozens of participants and hosted a large basket auction!

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