Three Little Birds Perinatal is a fiscally sponsored project by Federation of Neighborhood Centers Philadelphia. We provide pregnancy and infant loss support to families at no cost and never directly solicit them for monetary donations. To continue our mission of supporting this community, we are dependent on the generosity and continued support of family and friends, program grants and corporate sponsors. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated, as we work to become our own 501(c)3 organization. Thank you in advance for your help!


Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support

The mission of Three Little Birds Perinatal is to provide immediate and long-term advocacy and support to families experiencing the devastating loss of a pregnancy or baby in the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey metro area. Three Little Birds connects with the medical community, families, researchers and other advocacy groups to educate people on pregnancy and infant loss and the associated grief, as well as support efforts in the prevention of such tragedies.


Learn how to understand patient's personal, cultural and ethnic diversity while validating and supporting these families

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Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Neonatal Loss, Uncertain & Life Limiting Diagnosis and Infertility Support

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Information on how to feel helpful when everything around you feels hopeless

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Each family deserves to tell their own unique story. Find out about the services and programs Three Little Birds offers to families in the Philadelphia, Delaware & Southern New Jersey region.



If you have received and life-limiting or uncertain fetal diagnosis, we can provide resources, advocacy and photography support leading up to delivery.



While we cannot change what has happened, we can walk the journey alongside you, advocate for your needs and provide continuing support after losing a much wanted baby.

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Pregnancy after loss can be terrifying and isolating. Our nest supports families as they grow, while honoring the babies we have lost.


One in every eight couples struggle to grow their family. Three Little Birds can provide resources and options for support during this trying time.

Visit our Etsy store and see some of our best sellers - Infertility Bereaved Dad and Baby Loss Support Boxes, as well as several new offerings!  We now have Angel Baby Support Boxes, Rainbow Baby Blankets, a "Tweet Dreams" Sleep Support Box, miscarriage bracelets and more!  The intention of these gifts is to validate, honor and comfort loss families. Many of our items sell out quickly!


Since we do not directly solicit our families for donations, our Etsy Store serves as the main source of our projects income, which in turn, is what keeps our services and programs free to families. Please consider purchasing a grief support kit from our store and showing a family member or friend that you care, and their baby matters!

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Three Little Birds is proud to announce the publication of our Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Journal. Part self-help guide, part baby book and journal, it was developed to help you navigate the journey of pregnancy and infant loss on your own terms, with ways to heal your heart, journal your thoughts, feelings and love, as well as create a space to add photos of your baby and family and anything else that is important to you!

You can purchase a soft-cover copy or a downloadable PDF to customize however you wish. Details of how to use the journal document are included!


Here are true stories from a few of our Three Little Birds families and how our services had a positive, lasting impact.


Nine months. Nine months is a long time. It's how long Ali and Joe tried to get pregnant. Nine long months of pregnancy tests with just one line. Tears and pain, wondering and questioning. And in that ninth month, when all hope was dwindling.......finally, a positive pregnancy test (or 4!) Their prayers had been answered and they were overjoyed to finally become parents!

Two weeks later, Ali had some bleeding and went to see the doctor, where she was diagnosed with a blighted ovum and empty gestational sac. No baby.

However, having more blood work done over the next few days and seeing her Hcg levels rise, it was clear to her doctors that in fact, she was actually still pregnant. They repeated an ultrasound soon after and witnessed a miracle....there was a little heartbeat!


In late 2016, the Laughlin's were told their precious daughter had a condition known as Hydrops Fetalis.  After months of doctors appointments and surgical procedures, Jodi and Alex delivered their perfect baby girl, Noelle Philomena, who passed away shortly after her birth. Noelle's first name means "Christmas" and embodies the spirit of faith, hope and love; values that they continue to hold close to their hearts despite their devastating loss. Her middle name, Philomena, was chosen to honor Jodi’s Mother. It wasn’t until later that they discovered St. Philomena is the patron Saint of infants.
Three Little Birds Co-Founder and NILMDTS Volunteer Photographer, Desiree Miller, met the Laughlin family after they requested her services when Noelle was born. Upon hearing her name, Desiree assumed she was named after the holiday season and stopped to purchase a small pink stocking as a prop, for Noelle and her family.  She spent time photographing and making memories with the family, and walking the journey with them as they said hello and goodbye to their first child.


After their first pregnancy ended with a miscarriage at six weeks, the Thierry family found themselves pregnant again a few months later.  Reaching the second trimester milestone, they decided to share their good news with family and friends, only to have the pregnancy end abruptly at 16 weeks.
Naturally, the Thierry’s were devastated.


They mourned the loss of their baby, and in an effort to find meaning and inspiration in their struggles, they named this baby, Hope.  Both found healing by incorporating Hope into their lives as they struggled to understand why both pregnancies ended.
After having corrective surgery and given the all clear from their doctors, the Thierry’s tried again to fulfill their dreams of parenthood.  The anxiety of carrying another baby became overwhelming after discovering they were pregnant again.  The doctors gave them positive feedback, always explaining that the pregnancy looked good, regardless of Becky's high-risk status. Baby Chase, their rainbow baby, would be coming in a few short months.


At their 20 week anatomy scan, the Edgar Family was told their son was diagnosed with Anencephaly. The family was given the option of termination or carrying to term.  Keeping with their Christian faith and values, they decided to carry their son James to term and celebrate his life and their time together as a family.

The Edgar’s reached out to Three Little Birds Perinatal at the urging of their hospital's Perinatal Coordinator. We first met in their home and presented them with a customized Palliative Care Packet, complete with resources and  information they might find helpful in planning for the remainder of their pregnancy.  They would be welcoming James into their lives, and ultimately, saying goodbye much too soon. The Edgar's took a few weeks to review the information and decide what services were the best for them.

Ultimately, they requested our services to help in preparing a birth plan. It was empowering to be given slight control over some aspects of James' birth.  The birth plan also allowed them to mentally plan ahead for his arrival. The family received a Palliative Care Maternity Portrait Session with Three Little Birds to celebrate their pregnancy and family.  After James' birth, TLB was also invited to their hospital room to photograph and make memories. as they spent time together as a family of 4.


February 9th. This was the due date Kathleen and her husband Brian were given for their daughter Scarlet.

They had an unremarkable and healthy pregnancy with absolutely no complications.

There was nothing to hint that anything would go wrong.

At 36 weeks 5 days into her pregnancy, Kathleen noticed less movement from Scarlet. She decided to get checked at the hospital just to make sure everything was okay. That's when their world came crashing down.

They were told "I'm sorry, there is no heartbeat".



As we approach Mother’s Day, my third as a loss mom, I feel ready, willing and able to tell you a beautiful story that I carry in my heart….A story about a girl named Jimmie.

You see, when we found out we were pregnant, my husband Brent and I had so many questions…Who is this person who magically appeared in our lives? Who will they be? What is their journey and what will they be remembered for?


We did not realize just how daunting the task of finding the perfect name would be! We scoured books and internet articles to find the name that would define our beautiful perfect child, whoever he or she would be. Little did we know, she chose her name and the legacy that would be her brief, but impactful life.


We understand how overwhelming this is and how hard it can be to talk to others. Our organization was founded by volunteers with similar experiences hoping to help others going through the same. Our nest is comprised of certified Bereavement Doulas, medical professionals and grieving families. Please reach out to us however you feel comfortable as you walk your healing journey. It would be an honor to walk along side you.

Call or text: 856-656-6436



FAMILIES: If you are in need of direct support or have any questions, please contact us at the phone number and email address below. Text messaging is acceptable.

MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: For the availability of our volunteer bereavement doulas and photographers, please complete the form below with a phone number we can text, your hospital facility, the situation and time frame for delivery. Someone will be in touch with you within the hour.

ADMINISTRATIVE: For Fiscal Sponsor matters, please contact Jerry Tapley, Executive Director, Federation of Neighborhood Centers (FNC) Philly. Three Little Birds Perinatal is a fiscally-sponsored non-profit project of FNC. Their offices are located at 1901 9th Street, Philadelphia, PA.

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Phone or Text: 856-656-6436

Phone or Text: 856-656-6436

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