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January Focus Theme: Community

The African proverb is true; it takes a village to raise a child

This does not change if the baby does not live. The only difference is, who becomes apart of that village and who unexpectedly leaves. Community is the foundation of Three Little Birds. Our nest as we call it, has grown to include other loss families, advocates, volunteers, bereavement specialists, mental health advocates, medical professionals and other businesses who provide services of support to families walking this journey as well as supporting pregnancy after loss. More specific information about these beautiful people will be discussed throughout the year. But for now, I hope you find comfort in knowing simply that they are there. When we think about our community….our nest….how do we build a nest when we don’t know what we need? As grief moves and changes over time, especially early on in our loss, it can be hard to process our emotions or even feel them, let alone be able know what we need or even have the courage to ask for it. Over time, as grief softens and reemerges with a vengeance, our needs change. The online support group that was pivotal to you early on may feel redundant and overwhelming after a few months. That is ok. As a new year is upon us, it can be overwhelming and even unbearable approaching the new year without the babies you so desperately wish were here. It means another year of missed milestones, forced smiles in social situations and nontraditional holiday traditions. Many look at the new year as a new beginning but for the grieving, it is a reset of having to start the process all over again.

This month, we are focusing our support group discussions and events around the theme of community. Our organization is rooted in community support and healing. You can read more about our story here!

Some topics we will be discussing include:

  • What are some taboos or stigmas faced by families experiencing miscarriage/infant loss? Pregnancy/infant loss is a very common experience shared by millions of women every year. Despite this, it remains one of the hardest topics to open up and talk about. In society, much emphasis is placed on privacy, such as not announcing pregnancy until the second trimester when the risk of pregnancy loss is reduced. Unfortunately, these hidden losses - and the resultant hidden grief - serve to keep miscarriage/baby loss a taboo topic, not often discussed openly in society. As a result, many grieving parents feel isolated and unable to seek the support they may need.

  • What are the five rights of the bereaved parent? Families that experience pregnancy and infant loss are walking a journey lead by many others but none the same way. To support grief and healing it is important families experiencing these experiences are allowed to explore, understand, be frustrated, rationalize and come to terms with their grief. This means allowing for kindness and grace not just from others but one’s self. This includes learning how to not taking the reactions or opinions of others personally and learning how to set boundaries with others and ourselves.

  • What are some community resources available in the Philadelphia and South Jersey region? We will be discussing some of our personal service offerings as well as other non-profit organizations or businesses that support perinatal loss.

  • NEW! - #Shatterthestigma series – Three Little Birds is launching our #shatterthestigma series on our social media channels to allow the certified Mama Birds in the nest a space to share their thoughts and experiences with others so they don’t feel alone and we can begin to find appropriate ways as a community to support the one in four families experiencing pregnancy and infant loss.

Looking for your community? Join the nest! - Want to more information on how Three Little Birds can help? Click here for more information and a link to join our nest. It is free! Residency restrictions apply.


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