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For this child, we have prayed...

Updated: May 11, 2020

At their 20 week anatomy scan, the Edgar Family was told their son was diagnosed with anencephaly. The family was given the option of termination or carrying to term. As a Christian family, they decided to carry their son James to term and celebrate his life and their time together as a family.

The Edgar’s reached out to Three Little Birds Perinatal at the urging of their Perinatal Coordinator, Kathleen Macagnone. We met with the Edgar’s in their home and presented them with a customized Palliative Care Packet, complete with resources and information they might find helpful in planning for the remainder of their pregnancy, welcoming James and ultimately saying goodbye. The family took a few weeks to review the information and decide what services were the best for them in this situation.

The family requested our services to prepare a birth plan. They felt empowered by having a slight control over some aspects of their birth and were happy they could plan ahead for his arrival. Additionally, the family requested a Palliative Care Maternity Session with Three Little Birds to celebrate their pregnancy and family. Despite the diagnosis, their faith encouraged them to embrace their situation and find the beauty and love in James brief, but powerful life.

We received a call in the middle of the night that James would be arriving soon and we were able to photograph his baptism (by his grandfather) and his time with all of the family that loved him. It was important for the Edgars to include their daughter into the photographs so that she would have tangible memories of her brother as she grows up.

The Edgars now have a beautiful memories and momentos to cherish of James’ life. While the situation was terribly sad, they were able to find the beauty in their love for each other and the support of their family and church.

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