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Welcome to the Nest, our newest Community Sponsor, Kindred Beginnings!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

As we move into spring and Infertility Awareness Month, Three Little Birds is excited to announce our newest Community Sponsor, Kindred Beginnings!

Creator Lynn Polin has a BIG family building story of her own....10 IVF cycles, five retrievals, 60 eggs retrieved, 24 eggs that made it to embryo, 12 PGS tested, four fresh transfers, seven frozen transfers, one pregnancy loss that almost cost her her life...resulting in two miracle baby girls.

Her journey has brought her to a path of dedicating her life to providing validation and education for the family-building community. She volunteers with RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association, to provide peer-led support groups both locally and nationally. She has also founded the Walk of Hope NJ, leading the most successful annual fundraising walk for RESOLVE. This year's event will be held virtually from April 18-24 to raise awareness for the 1 in 8 families that struggle with traditional family building.

Lynn developed Kindred Beginnings to fill a void in the infertility community - a life coaching and family building community that provides one-on-one coaching, educational seminars, connection with others and local and national resources that she herself struggled to find through her journey.

For Three Little Birds families - Lynn is offering two months FREE membership to the Kindred Beginnings community ($5/month after to join) along with 10% off her personal coaching services! Check out the video below for more information!

Thank you Lynn for being a fierce advocate for families, the community and Three Little Birds families seeking to continue their journey after loss!

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