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Three Little Birds celebrates the International Day of Hope!

Founded by Carly Marie Dudley in Australia in memory of her son as well as all babies lost across the world, August 19 is known as the International Day of Hope.

This day serves as an opportunity for us to come together as a collective community to honor ourselves, each other, our babies and find hope for our future. Last night, members of our nest gathered to make prayer flags in memory of their babies and honor each other.

May the wind pass through our prayer flags and take our children's names and whisper them to the entire world so that the world may hear their names and never forget them.

May we give our lives to living wholeheartedly for our babies and children and may we speak love and kindness hope and peace in their honor every day.

Last night, we gathered at the nest to celebrate the Day of Hope. Before we made our flags, we had a small ceremony to honor:

  • Our babies, may they be loved and spoken of always.

  • Those on the journey of infertility or finding difficulty in their family building journey. We see and honor you.

  • Those among us who are pregnant again after loss as your bravery serves as a beacon of hope for us all and we hold you in love and light.

  • We also honor our ancestors who had to grieve in silence.

Want to thank everyone who came to our Day of Hope event! You are surrounded by others who understand what you are going through. We sit with you we grieve with you we heal with you and we love with you. Know these truths and feel the love that has brought us all together here today.

Attendees each took home a copy of "You are a Mother of all Mothers" by Angela Miller as a gift.

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