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New support event: Upgrade your Memory Box, hosted by Zara's Tootsies!

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Thank you to Caitlin and Yousuf for hosting their support event for their legacy project, Zara's Tootsies!

The purpose of this event was to upgrade our baby's hospital issued memory boxes to a sturdy, personalized wooden box to hold all of our keepsakes. The total cost per box... $10! Most hospital issued boxes for bereavement are small or made of material that does not stand the test of time.

Each parent had the option of including their baby's actual footprints and name, all customized and prepared with love by Zara's mama!

Unfortunately, when Caitlin and Yousuf lost their daughter Zara, they were unable to meet her, however a thoughtful nurse made sure to capture Zara's footprints. After joining Three Little Bird's nest, Caitlin had an amazing idea! Using her Cricut machine, she is able to take vinyl decals of baby's footprints, no matter how small. Because this is the only tangible memory she has of her daugther, she wants to comfort and validate other parents walking similar journeys in losing their precious babies. This project also sells personalized vinyl decals and bereavement products to raise funds and awareness for perinatal loss through Three Little Birds. You can read more about their journey here.

Here are a few of the boxes from our event!


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