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Three Little Birds Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support was founded in 2016 after Kristen and Brent Samuelson lost their two precious daughters, Jimmie Anne Samuelson, stillborn in October 2014 at nearly 28 weeks gestation, and Chloe Rainbow, an 11-week misdiagnosed ectopic pregnancy.  While they received satisfactory medical care, the Samuelson's were disappointed by the lack of emotional and spiritual support offered to them by the hospital.  Twice, the Samuelson’s were forced to say hello and goodbye to their children within hours; discharged back into the world unsupported on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.  Unfortunately, their family is just one of the millions across the globe left unsupported after such a traumatic and life-changing loss.

The Bob Marley Song, Three Little Birds, was the inspiration for this endeavor.  While pregnant with her first daughter, Kristen would hear the song frequently and believed it was a reminder to...."not worry about a thing, because every little thing, is going to be all right"  While things did not turn out as planned, everything eventually became better and more "all right" as they moved forward on their healing journey and into a “new normal”.  All worrying did was rob Kristen of the time she had to share with the baby, somet
hing she will always be haunted by. 
The efforts and outreach of Three Little Birds Perinatal is inspired by the Samuelson’s two children but done in memory of all the babies lost by families throughout the region. The goal is to provide each family in need with all of the options, resources, and support they didn't have themselves. We honor personal, spiritual, religious, and ethnic diversity with the same compassionate care we want to see for everyone on t
heir family-building journey of love and loss. You can read more about how we have created a community through loss here.

Kristen has more than seven years experience serving dozens of families from a professional and personal perspective and professionally manages the majority of Three Little Birds executive functions including our virtual and in-person support, legacy project and grant development, coordinating request through our Bedside Bereavement Program, as well as product development for our Etsy store. She also authored several publications including the pregnancy and infant loss journal"A Nest for my Heart", "As our Nest Grows", a pregnancy after loss book and "Remembering Baby Bird", a support book for siblings, in addition to our Perinatal Bereavement Training Workshop for Medical Professionals and Advocates. Additionally, as a certified bereavement doula, she provides one-on-one consultations for parents and families, as well as provides spiritual readings as an intuitive healer. Prior to founding Three Little Birds, she had more than two decades of marketing and proposal writing/marketing experience in the engineering/ construction industry. You can read more about her story and how Three Little Birds was founded here.

Kristen Samuelson

Co-Founder & Executive Director/President

Certified Bereavement Doula/Loss Parent


Desiree has served more than 250 families bedside to provide the gift of infant portraiture and memory-making through her volunteer service with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and now through her own endeavor through Three Little Birds. She, along with her co-founders, Kristen and Brent Samuelson, fulfill the mission of Three Little Birds with various services and programs to support families in our region with personalized support through our Palliative Care Program and our Pregnancy After Loss Program as a Program Sponsor through her studio, Image is Everything Studios in Pitman, NJ. She also provides direct support through our General Grief Group which meets on the 2nd Monday of each month. In addition to direct support, she has co-authored and produced Three Little Bird's Perinatal Bereavement Training Program for Medical Professionals and Advocates. When she isn't supporting families in our nest, she is enjoying life with her husband and two adult children who also volunteer their time to support our nest at our signature events. You can read more about Desiree here.


Desiree Miller

Co-Founder & Volunteer Certified

Bereavement Doula/Photographer


In addition to co-founding Three Little Birds with his wife Kristen and friend Desiree Miller, Brent supports the team by going bedside to provide the gift of infant remembrance portraiture and memory. He has supported more than three dozen families experiencing stillbirth or neonatal loss/support pulls at several local hospitals. In addition to his advocacy work in memory of his two daughters, he is also dedicated to supporting loss fathers to organically connect through Three Little Birds. This includes hosting a Father's Day BBQ that included a disc golf tournament with the two winners going home with a gift certificate for a memorial tattoo and tickets to a Phillies game! In 2021, Brent was recognized as a healthcare Hero by the Star Legacy Foundation for the work he does for Three Little Birds at his employer, Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ. We have seen an uptick of dads attending our groups and events and they are sharing with us their experiences and need for connection with other parents. His personal goal for Three Little Birds is to develop a program specifically to support dads through perinatal loss.


Brent Samuelson

Co-Founder/Bereavement Photographer

Loss Parent



Dana joined the nest in early 2020 seeking to put her professional skills and big heart to work to support the mission of Three Little Birds. Her efforts include supporting administrative tasks and event management. Most recently, she managed our Wave of Light in October and our Bereaved Mother's Day Spa event at Float Haven Spa. Fun fact - Dana and Kristen used to manage charity events at their former employer nearly 20 years ago! When she isn't supporting the families in our nest, she can be found traveling and supporting her kids endeavors in sports and academics!

Dana Ridpath


Director of Sunshine & Happiness


Ronald Tassello, Interim Treasurer


Michael Harbison, CEO, FNC Philly


Adam Wilder, CFO, FNC Philly


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