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In an effort to support both perinatal loss families and professionals, Three Little Birds has developed our Office Support Box! The purchase of this box not only serves as a tax-deductible donation to Three Little Birds, but it also supports our mission of shattering the stigma of pregnancy and infant loss for families in our community while supporting your patients. This box is ideal to be placed at the intake area for OBGYN/MFM offices or hospitals. Please note: This box is only available for offices located within our service region (NJ - Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem Counties and PA - Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks and Delaware Counties.)


Box contents and setup

The contents of this box are meant to validate and support parents as they return to clinical spaces after experiencing pregnancy and infant loss and may not expect to be triggered. Additionally, these items serve as a tool between patient and staff in communicating uncomfortable and personal information while grieving. This will allow the clinician to spot for signs of triggers or trauma and indicate to other care providers additional time, space and empathy may be required for today’s appointment to best serve their needs. This support box should be placed in the waiting area/near the check-in counter so patients have time to view before their appointment. Contents of the support box include:


  • Acrylic literature holders with printed resources – Each box contains 40 brochures each for pregnancy loss and pregnancy after loss support. Each detail the peer-led support available to them through Three Little Bird’s Membership Program.

  • Appointment support cards – Grieving parents do not want to have to reiterate the traumatic details of their experience with every clinician they will encounter. Loss parents returning for postpartum follow-up appointments or pregnant again after loss can complete their respective cards to provide the details clinicians will ask during intake and indicate specific needs or topics of discussion they do or do not want to address. The card is also a tool for staff to understand what questions may or may not be appropriate to ask.

  • Three Little Birds Membership Cards – We have provided 40 cards for patients to take to explore our membership program. It is free! Signing up for our membership program allows them to receive our newsletter and social media updates on support groups, events, giveaways and more.

  • Pregnancy & Infant Loss bracelets – Each box contains 40. We encourage patients to wear these bracelets so all staff can identify someone who may need extra support during their appointment as well as be empathetic in their questioning.


Investment in our program - The initial box investment is $125. Replenishment of appointment support cards, membership cards, printed resources and bracelets is $85 (prices can be modified for higher quantities/multiple offices). All items in this box are copywritten and cannot be reproduced without authorized consent.

Click here to order your box and to become a Three Little Birds Preferred Provider!

(c) 2023 Three Little Birds Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support - All items are intellectual proprietary property and these items/this box cannot be reproduced or duplicated without authorized written consent. This specifically includes our Appointment Support Cards.

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