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As anyone who has ever struggled with infertility will tell you, the experience can be incredibly isolating, with silent losses, quiet moments of grieving, and precious, hushed celebrations. The stress can make even the most social of people feel like cocooning themselves away. And yet, despite the feelings of loneliness that it can bring, fertility struggles are fairly common. Studies have shown that 1 in 8 couples, and close to 16% of women, face challenges related to fertility.  With roughly 15-20% of pregnancies ending in loss or miscarriage, there’s a good chance that you know someone who is or has been affected by infertility. There also seems to be a larger discussion and community growing on social media.


With that said, Three Little Birds now provides peer-led infertility support to registered families in our nest who understand your unique experience. With a multitude of treatment options (IUI, IVF, ICSI, etc.) and an even greater number of reasons why individuals and couples face challenges related to fertility, we know no two struggles are alike. Above and beyond the specific treatments and outcomes, we recognize the uniqueness of your journey to parenthood. What one person finds most difficult can be very different from another's perspective. For some, it may be the physical discomfort that comes from medications, daily injections, or invasive ultrasounds and procedures. For others, financial commitment can generate significant stress and even become a barrier to treatment. It’s also not uncommon to mourn the loss of “natural” conception or to experience the very real sense of emptiness that a miscarriage brings with it. We are here to help.


Three Little Birds offers both virtual and in person support for families experiencing either primary or secondary infertility. Our virtual group meets on the 1st Thursday of every month and in person support groups are scheduled multiple times throughout the year. If you are seeking support, please register as a member of our nest and we will be sure you are included on our monthly email distribution which provides links to register for our groups and events.

  • Kindred-Beginnings - Founded by Lynn Polin after 10 rounds of IVF, she created her life-coaching program to support other families like hers that seek non-traditional methods in the family building community.

  • Documentary - Inconceivable - Lynn and her husband Drew filmed their 10th round of IVF to create a documentary of their struggles. You can stream it on Tubi!

  • Keeping Hope Alive/IVF - Local infertility/family building group that helps fund infertility treatments for local families, including LGBTQIA.

  • RESOLVE - RESOLVE’s mission is to increase public education, reduce the stigma and provide resources for those who are family-building.



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