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Being a woman of color can be challenging when navigating resources specifically for pregnancy and infant loss.  Three Little Birds wants to work with the medical community to research why black women are TWICE as likely than white to experience a miscarriage.  The statistics are similar when comparing the rate of stillbirth among black mothers, to that of a white mother.  It was found that health problems that occurred during pregnancy or underlying health conditions were listed as the cause of the stillbirth three times more often among Black mothers than among white mothers.  Moreover, black infants are also 3.8 times more likely to die of complications due to low birth weight compared to non-Hispanic White infants, according to a 2019 report published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

These numbers should concern you, as they do us! 

It is our hope that through continued conversations with health professionals, and utilizing grant funding for further research and education, that we can play a part in reducing these numbers. 


Three Little Birds is here to support your family, and we have compiled resources that we hope may help you heal.  Our support is through the following services and programs:

  • Bedside Memory Making - Three Little Birds can provide materials to assist or for you to make lasting memories of your special baby including foot/hand molds, Recognition of Life Certificates, blankets and other personalized items.

  • Complimentary Maternity and Pregnancy After Loss Photography to honor your family through our Community Partner, Image is Everything Studios in Pitman, NJ. Many families have found comfort in photographing their family and pregnancy as they lead up to delivery to bond and create lasting memories.

  • Birth Plan Preparation & Support - While families can not control what is happening, they can feel more empowered by creating a personalized birth plan to take to the hospital to provide staff with your wishes and expectations during your delivery and the time after.

  • Infant Remembrance Portraiture - All of our families have expressed their support of and gratitude for photography services after birth and/or during memory making. Our trained bereavement photographers will provide 20-30 gently edited photographs of your beautiful family.

  • Bump Casting Kits - Belly casting is a unique way to preserve your pregnancy bump.  We offer this service free to our families.  Once it hardens, it can then be decorated to reflect your special unique baby.   One of our trained doulas can create this bump with you or a kit can be given to you and your partner.  This is a great activity for mom and dad/non-birthing parent to share some intimacy, as well as a great bonding opportunity for your partner with the baby. 

  • 3D/4D HD Ultrasounds & Heartbeat Captures - Our Community Partner, Wondertime, LLC, supports our palliative care families by offering complementary 3D/4D ultrasounds and heartbeat captures for families to share with their immediate or extended family in their office in Westville, NJ.

  • Memorial Service Coordination/Support - We can assist families by finding compassionate service providers in your community to provide their services for free or at minimal costs. No one ever plans for these types of expenses that can create a financial burden for families. There are also financial assistance programs for families through other non-profit organizations in the area. We also work with churches and other groups to develop meaningful memorial or funeral services.

  • Complimentary Angel Gown - Angel Gowns are created by talented seamstresses out of donated wedding gowns. Each gown is handcrafted by volunteers and given to families for burial or as a keepsake. Every baby deserves a dignified garment to wear.

  • Vast Array of Financial and Bereavement Resources - We have local and regional resources to share to help assist you with anything you need.

  • One-on-One Empathetic, Non-Judgmental Support - Our organization was founded by others who have walked similar journeys. We are trained bereavement professionals who simply want to support your needs in these unique situations. Our job is to advocate when you feel powerless. We will ensure all of your wants and desires for your child and the time you have together are met. There are no requests too large to accommodate.

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