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Three Little Bird's Preferred Provider's List

Over the past five years, Three Little Birds has had the honor to support dozens of families and medical care providers through perinatal loss. We have walked alongside the journeys of others experiencing the loss of a baby.

What has become glaringly obvious, is that the groundwork for healing from this trauma, is laid by the medical care providers. The ones who are with us in those immediate moments after finding out the tragic news, and still by our sides as we leave the hospital/care facility and enter a new normal.

We have heard awful stories of loss that were not supported properly, yet at the same time, we have also witnessed amazing and inspiring care from medical providers in the Philadelphia/South Jersey metro region.

If you have walked the journey of perinatal loss with an empathetic and supportive care provider, we want to know about it! We are collecting the names and experiences of others with care providers to have available for other families that join the nest and are touched by pregnancy and infant loss.

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