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Sign up for the Three Little Birds Dad's Summer Disc Golf League!

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Three Little Birds has long sought to have an event or program to support grieving dads through perinatal loss. This has been difficult as men don't always have common interests and can have trepidations about the thought of being emotional or having to share something painful.

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic has had everyone cooped up for months, Three Little Birds is excited to launch a summer league for local loss dad's (and a friend!) to join (for FREE!!!) with the intention of bringing loss parents together organically, see the support around them and participate in a fun healthy outdoor activity!

If you are a loss dad seeking connection with others, we encourage you to sign up for more information! Click the link here for more info!

Sponsored by Cosmic Disc Golf in Cherry Hill, NJ, the league will take place from June-August 2021 at various disc golf courses throughout Southeastern PA and Southwestern NJ. Pairs/teams will compete for the loss dad to win one of two prizes....a gift certificate for a memorial tattoo or another big ticket item (TBD). The second place winner will receive the remaining prize! We have all the equipment you need, other surprises and swag in store for you and your buddy too!

No experience necessary! Please note:

  • Loss parent is the only player eligible for the prize

  • Brief tutorials will be given on site for newer players

  • Scores will be tallied through an app and used to determine final scoring

  • Pairs can miss up to two dates to remain eligible to compete for grand prizes.

  • The lowest score will be dropped for each team

Here is a quick tutorial on disc golf!

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