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Register your group as a Three Little Birds Resource

Three Little Birds Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support is constantly updating and adding to its list of resources for families suffering the loss of a pregnancy/baby. This includes other non-profits, medical professionals, free support services, financial resources and events focusing on the vast and varied needs of the 1 in 4 families who will walk this journey. The types of resources we are looking for include:

  • Community resources/non profits similar to Three Little Birds supporting one or many aspects of pregnancy/infant loss, fertility and pregnancy after loss support

  • Local Perinatal Bereavement Coordinators/Support Group Facilitators

  • Virtual/Social Media Support Groups supporting specific illnesses/diagnoses

  • Support groups/resources specific to dad/LGBTQ support

  • Local service providers who are willing to provide support to families at no cost to help offset the cost of burial/cremation

  • Recommending reading/resources from authors/bloggers

  • Memorial/remembrance support items for sale or discounted to families

While we are focused in the Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey metro region, we support people throughout the United States, as well as Canada and the UK. Since the world was forced to switched to a virtual format, we are open to adding resources outside our region, as long as they are FREE.

If you have already completed this form, but need to update your contact information, please email us directly at Thank you!

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