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Meet Mama Bird Kanei!

Kanei Green-Scott joined the nest after hearing about our support groups. While she is not a loss parent, she is a fierce advocate for women and children's health. She applied and completed our Perinatal Bereavement Training Program under our Summer 2022 Scholarship and now supports Three Little Birds as a Certified Bereavement Doula and volunteers at several of our Signature Events! She recently received her B.S. in Nursing from Stockton University and we couldn't be more proud of her!


Tell us about yourself and your profession

My name is Kanei Green-Scott. I am currently a Certified Bereavement Doula with Three Little Birds and a Child Life Counselor on a mental and behavior health floor. I am transitioning over to a registered nurse (BSN, RN) in the upcoming months as I just finished my accelerated nursing program at Stockton University. I am the mother of a 3-year-old princess named Kali.

What brought you to Three Little Birds?

My initial encounter with Three Little Birds started as a school assignment for my psychology in nursing course. I had to attend a therapy group (e.g., AA, etc.) and learn how these programs are run and how success is created. Since my passion is for pediatrics and women’s health, I decided to attend a group that would be relevant to my career and life. As I was speaking with Mama Bird Nicole about the assignment, she invited me to come to a group because she understood the benefit personally and professionally. One group turned into applying for the doula training which turned into a bond with a group of phenomenal, strong, and resilient women.

How did taking Three Little Birds training make you a better advocate/professional?

Taking the Three Little Birds training made me a better advocate and professional because it provided me with the resources to share with others and knowledge to care for those experiencing pregnancy loss and/or infertility. Due to the nature of pregnancy loss and infertility it is oftentimes not taught about, however, through this formal training I was able to take a deeper dive into both and gain a better understanding to share with others.

Which Three Little Birds groups or events are your favorite?

All of the Three Little Birds events/services are my favorite! I enjoy the intimacy and connection of the small groups, as well as, the love and adhesiveness of the all-inclusive events.

How are you volunteering for Three Little Birds currently? What are your long-term goals?

I currently volunteering as a certified bereavement doula and I attend in-person groups where I can speak with mothers, fathers, and their families. I try to be a listening ear, support, and confidant for those who need and utilize Three Little Birds. My long-term goal is to continue to spread awareness and advocate for the families that need perinatal and bereavement services. Additionally, I want to increase my activism and open more avenues for Three Little Birds in regards to infertility. I want to provide direct support and resources to those who experience infertility.

Congratulations to Kanei on her recent graduation and major career milestone! We are so proud of you!

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