Our dedicated volunteer, Julie Shapiro, is a health insurance professional dedicated to obtaining the definitive answers and options that are hidden within the jargon of the insurance plan benefits and explanation documents. She recognizes the stress of time spent looking for these answers and her goal is to lift this burden for you as much as she can.  As a loss mother herself, Julie also knows the importance of spending time with your baby and family.  She is committed to exploring every option, and planning the necessary steps pertaining to the cost and payment of care.

Julie works with our families to get answers to all of their questions, ranging from the total out of pocket costs, preferred places of care, and determining length of wait time before certain benefits will begin. In addition to simplifying the insurance matrix, she can also help determine what personal benefits your employer and insurance plan offers, such as assistance with housing and transportation costs, free mental health services (therapy, acupuncture, gym memberships) or even additional opportunities for paid-time-off.  From direct assistance on calls to insurance companies, or providing this service on your behalf, she will ensure you receive answers and expectations in black and white.

If you are interested in these services, please fill out the form below and she will be in touch with you!  All services are free to Three Little Birds families in our service area.