The loss of a baby, even if it was expected due to a life-limiting diagnosis, is not something parents ever plan for. 


Expenses like a memorial service, burial, cremation may threaten to financially ruin a family. 


Organizations like the ones below are here to help lift that burden.

TLB volunteer and fellow loss mom, simplifying the insurance matrix and help in determining what benefits your employer and insurance plan may offer.

Provides financial assistance, up to $1,000 to cover hospital fees related to the BIRTH of a still baby, over 20 weeks gestation

Noelle's Light delivers financial support to distressed families that are receiving treatment & care following a life-threatening fetal diagnosis.

Burial or funeral assistance, up to $1,000, for loss of a baby over 22 weeks gestation but under 6 months of age, born prematurely or passed away in the NICU

Assistance and Support to families following a miscarriage or stillbirth.  (Religious Affiliation)

Provides up to $500 of financial assistance to families after miscarriage or stillbirth, towards a hospital bill. 

Providing financial assistance for medical and funeral expenses to families in the US

Provides financial and emotional support for families losing a baby from 20 weeks gestation to one year of age

Providing financial assistance to families in crisis due to one or more of the following pregnancy loss, miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss up to age one.

Committed to helping families financially that have suffered the loss of an infant child 12 months or younger, or still born.

Assistance to help with Final Expenses after the loss of your baby

For families residing in New Jersey, Walk In Sunshine is able to provide financial services for those who have lost a child.

Phone or Text: 856-656-6436

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