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For specific details of our events, please join our private Facebook Group, Mama Bird Healing. If you are not on social media, please email us for details. Our in-person support schedule is as follows:

Mondays - In-person grief support. We invite you to our standing in-person support group on the 2nd Monday of the month at the nest. Other support nights are posted in our group.

Tuesdays - If you are pregnant (confirmed 8+ weeks), join us weekly on Tuesdays from 5-8 PM for an open night of support. We have free giveaways and can offer personalized and peer based support as you continue your family building journey. Join our private Facebook Group for more information and other services and programs we offer!

Wednesday/Thursdays/Fridays - Personal consultants for loss support, our palliative care program, pregnancy after loss support or spiritual readings (personal, couples or groups). Fill out this form here to schedule.

Specific event support - Three Little Birds doesn't only subscribe to traditional healing methods. We like to switch things up and incorporate social activities that promote physical, emotion and spiritual healing in wake of losing a baby. This includes our annual Bereaved Mother's Day spa event, our Father's Day BBQ/Disc Golf Tournament, taking our families to a Rage Room to let out aggression, to self care and spiritual healing. We hope you will join us!

Click here for our October 2022 support schedule.

September 2022 support

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